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A degree in architecture is much more than studying the planning, designing and construction of buildings. Architecture is a field which has catalyzed global change and impacted the lives of citizens all over the world.

When you decide to study a degree in architecture at IE University, you’re enrolling into an internationally recognized program that brings both theory and practice together with a global and academic environment, connecting future architects and designers with society as a whole.

Our entrepreneurial spirit and academic excellence is a powerful combination for our architecture students. And with a global student body that merges various cultural and social perspectives, they’re equipped with everything they in a diverse environment that breeds success.

With access to internships at top companies, fascinating seminars and state-of-the-art facilities, our Bachelor in Architecture provides you with all of the necessary tools to pursue a successful career in the field.

  Studying a degree at the School of Architecture & Design has many perks, and we’ve compiled a list highlighting some aspects of our program that will make your student experience unique and transformative.

Architecture student

Learn from your surroundings

Housed in the historic convent of Santa Cruz, the IEU Segovia Campus is the ideal place to study architecture. Famous for its historic landmarks, Segovia hosts our students and allows them to learn from their surroundings.

This quint essential Spanish city is most famous for being home to two UNESCO World Heritage Sites: the impressive Roman Aqueduct of Segovia and the Alcázar, a historic castle and fortress. Furthermore, Segovia’s narrow streets, traditional architecture, Romanesque churches and beautiful plazas provide the perfect backdrop for our students to learn from the past, and plan for the future.

Think with your hands

It is important that our students are able to bring their ideas to life as future architects and designers. The FabLab, allows students to “think with their hands” and to make their ideas a creative reality. With top-of-the-line facilities and access to the latest technology, our students put what they’re learning in the classroom to practice.       

Students explore traditional carpentry techniques, and learn how to master digital tools. This approach prepares IE University students to discover new talents and consider different perspectives. Unique to our program, the FabLab grounds theory in practice and helps our students grow.

Architectural Studies

Leading experts on and off campus

At IE University, students engage with global leaders of change throughout the industry. Our world-renowned faculty, comprised of more than 15 nationalities, unleashes our students’ potential by showing them how to effectively and creatively respond to the challenges we find in our world today.    

Similarly, guest critics, who come to campus through our various lecture series and events, share their intellectual insight and invaluable knowledge directly with our students. Currently, as our ten-year old school looks toward a bright future, we are hosting the “Power of Ten” lecture series, which brings some of the most important players in architecture and design to campus to join in on our discussion of current global challenges and the future of architecture.

Our Bachelor of Architecture & Design gives students the tools they need to make real, meaningful change in the world today. Through practical experience and instruction from seasoned architects, we can assure you that you will be able to take on whatever challenge the world throws at you in the future.