IEU Experience


At IE University, the experience is about much more than what goes on inside the classroom. We want you to grow personally as well as professionally, so to that end, the extracurricular offerings are diverse.

IE Clubs form a major part of our activities outside the classroom. With over 150 active clubs across our Madrid and Segovia locations, putting on more than 1,500 events every year, you don’t have to look far to find something that captures your interest.

Our clubs fall into seven main categories: professional, arts and humanities, diversity and inclusion, community impact, tech and innovation, sports and well-being, and sustainability. Within these, the list of clubs ranges from IE Arts Club and IE Charity Club to IE Robotics Club and IE Music Club—and many more. 

There’s something for everyone, providing a perfect opportunity to make new friends and disconnect from the pressures of academics. IE Clubs are where students can nurture a passion, explore their creativity or learn a new hobby. 

Develop your artistic eye in Segovia with IE Photography Club

Based in Segovia, IE Photography Club is a place for people to come together and connect over a shared interest. And you don’t even need to have picked up a camera before; there are plenty of experienced photographers you can ask for advice. Or if you’re more of a spectator, you can just come along to take a look at some of the club members’ work. Everyone is welcome!

Segovia provides the perfect backdrop for the camera lens. Even within the university’s facilities, the juxtaposition of the medieval former monastery Santa Cruz la Real with the modern, state-of-the-art facilities provides an intriguing and inspiring backdrop. 

The rest of the city is breathtakingly photogenic, too. The Alcázar of Segovia, a castle dating back to the 12th century, and the Roman Aqueduct are just a few examples of the incredible monuments in the area. As a UNESCO World Heritage site, Segovia is full of photographic vistas just waiting to be captured on camera.

Building community through shared interests

Hope Rose, a Bachelor in Communications & Digital Media student, is the current president of the IE Photography Club. She developed a passion for photography at a very young age, and joined the club when another member approached her after seeing some of her photos in an exhibition.

For Hope, the sense of community in Segovia is one of the things that makes it so unique—and this is something that she tries to portray from behind the lens. She loves to explore the city’s streets, snapping pictures of people and buildings that catch her eye. 

The club has given her another outlet for her creativity, and she wants other people to experience that, too. “My ultimate goal for the photography club is for it to be a place where people can come and grow as photographers, and where like-minded individuals can get together and inspire each other,” she says.

You can see the full list of existing IE Clubs here. And if there’s a club you would like to see on the list, why not think about starting it yourself? We always welcome new ideas to help our students pursue their passions and connect with other like-minded people inside—and outside—of the IE Community.