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We asked Alejandra a few questions about her experience as an intern at Amazon, and how she feels her time at IE University helped her

Alejandra Rubira has had a passion for HR since beginning her studies at IE University. In her final-year as a Bachelor in International Relations student, she decided to spend her last semester interning in the Learning and Development department at Amazon, Madrid. After completing her internship, Alejandra went through an internal recruiting process, and we are happy to hear she will now be joining Amazon’s Luxembourg office as a Sourcing Recruiter.

This wasn’t the first time Alejandra, who was class delegate for four consecutive years, took part in internship programs. Before her experience at Amazon, she interned in the recruiting department at Oliver Wyman, an HR Consulting firm, and in the IE Talent & Careers Department.

We would like to wish Alejandra the best with her new adventure!

We asked Alejandra a few questions about her experience as an intern at Amazon, and how she feels her time at IE University helped her. See what she said below.

Alejandra Rubira IE

How did you find out about the internship opportunity at Amazon? What about it appealed to you?

I found out about it through Amazon’s career site. There was an internship opportunity in their Learning and Development department and I had never worked in this field within HR. I was thrilled to dive deep into something new and begin learning!

What was the recruitment process like?

There were three phases. The first comprised two phone calls where I was screened for eligibility. After passing, I was invited in for a round of interviews. Finally, I had a conversation with my potential manager—and that was it!

How did your IE University experience and the support of the IEU Talent & Careers team help you secure this opportunity?

IEU Talent & Careers has been extremely helpful. Victoria Tornos is a star when it comes to crafting CVs, while Elodie Korn encouraged me to choose Amazon over another option I had. I will always be grateful to them. I am very happy at Amazon and think I have found a place where I fit in well.

Also, writing what seemed like a million essays during my years as an International Relations student has finally borne fruit because I’ve had to produce high-quality documents at a very fast pace.

What can you tell us about your time as an intern at Amazon? What would you highlight?

It has been incredibly enriching. The highlight for me would definitely be the people I met at Amazon in my four months here.

How did you secure the full-time opportunity after your internship?

After I received positive feedback from my team, I went through an internal recruiting process which was similar to the internship one.

What advice would you give to other students interested in interning or working at Amazon?

When preparing for the interviews, think of examples when you demonstrated leadership principles that are in line with Amazon’s.