The first time you set foot on IE University’s campus in Segovia, you’ll be struck by the history that surrounds you, by the fairytale feeling that overcomes you.

IE University’s campus in Segovia is located in the 13th century Santa Cruz La Real Convent. Near the Eresma River and outside Segovia’s old city walls surrounding its historic quarter, it’s just a ­ five-minute walk from the world-famous Roman Aqueduct. Although IE University’s campus is housed in a historic site, it boasts modern facilities, conference halls and laboratories where students of more than 130 nationalities study in a global and innovative environment.

“Segovia is a beautiful and peaceful city steeped in history with so many places to make the most of my time.” – Svea (Germany) Bachelor in Business Administration, Class of 2017

The history of the buildings you’ll occupy on campus, the cobblestone streets, famous castle, cathedral, and aqueduct in the city, the rolling hills, green trees, and peaceful Eresma River… all come together to create an inspiring atmosphere of exploration and discovery. The campus is housed in the converted Convent of Santa Cruz la Real, one of the city’s most historic buildings, declared a national heritage site in 1931. IE University’s campus in Segovia blends this incredible history with modern facilities and the most cutting-edge learning resources attracting the best and the brightest from around the world. The hum of a young, vibrant, international community working, thinking, creating, and innovating all around you will make your heart beat just a little faster as you get acquainted with the place you will call home for the next four years.

IEU Convent Santa Cruz IEU Campus Segovia

You’ll find yourself part of a close-knit community of inspiring minds from around the world, ready to explore and have fun. There are plenty of incredible places to discover in Segovia—it’s an intimate city surrounded by beautiful nature, and IE University’s campus is found just outside the 11th-century city walls. When you want to explore further, it’s easy to take a day trip to other historic cities, get to the mountains, or spend a day in the electric city of Madrid (just a 30 minute trip on the high-speed train, the AVE) with your new friends and fellow students. IE University’s campus in Segovia will be the setting for your unforgettable university experience.

Day-to-day life

Life in Segovia, both on campus and off, is filled with history and life, nature and man-made wonders, peace and excitement. Whether you’re wandering through the convent to your next class, having lunch with views of the Segovian countryside or getting together with friends to explore Segovia’s old town, there’s never a dull moment when studying at IE University’s campus in Segovia.

“I love Segovia. It’s a perfect city to live in and study; everything is close by.” – Calum (Scotland) Bachelor of Laws, Class of 2018

Wake up to the cheerful sound of Segovian birds chirping, whether you’re staying at the Reyes Católicos Residence Hall on campus, or in a residence, homestay, or apartment in the center of the city. Staying at the Reyes Católicos Residence Hall means you’re right on campus, but if you choose to stay off campus, other accommodation options are only a few minutes away. Residence halls, with all-inclusive options, make sure everything is taken care of for you. You won’t have to worry about extra stressers like utility bills or internet connection, and you will be able to focus on your studies and meet the other incredible students who live there too. You’ll have the option of three meals a day, along with laundry and cleaning services.

“IE University seemed incredible to me from the very first moment. Its model is perfect for the development of my professional profile.” – Daniel (Australia) Dual Degree in Business Administration and International Relations, Class of 2020

The Reyes Católicos Residence Hall, our on-campus residence, offers completely refurbished single or double rooms that are bright and modern in the historic campus setting. The small residence, with accommodation for 61 students, means you’ll have the chance to connect with other international students and form a close-knit community.

The cafeteria with two floors is a sunny space to have a homemade meal, recharge your batteries, and bond with your peers. Many students choose to find a shared apartment off campus after their first year to experience life as a local Segovian. With the campus a 5-15 minute walk from just about anywhere you might want to stay in the center, living off campus can be a fun option for finding your independence in the beautiful city of Segovia.

Discover more about the IE University Campus in Segovia in our brochure!