La Casa de la Moneda, the historic Royal Mint of Segovia, is home to IE University’s Creativity Center. Students are invited to take full advantage of this space where they can work on their projects, enjoy recreational activities and spend time with friends.

Post updated: 20th of April 2022

Just a 10-minute walk from the IE University Segovia campus, you’ll find La Casa de la Moneda. Founded by King Philip II and built by Juan de Herrera between 1583 and 1588, this building was designed to house the most modern coin minting machinery of the time. As one of the first mints in Europe and the oldest industrial building in all of Spain, this building is widely considered to be one of the most influential structures in Europe.

In 2012, IE University signed a four-year collaboration agreement with the Segovian city council to transform part of La Casa de la Moneda into a business space to promote innovation and entrepreneurship in Segovia—and the IE Creativity Center was born. The initiative has seen so much success that the agreement was renewed in 2016 and again in 2020, and it shows no signs of slowing down.

The IE Creativity Center provides a space open to all Segovian residents or IE University students looking for a place to work on their projects, or anyone just wanting to kick back and relax. It’s a unique place to work—on the outside, you see one of the oldest and most inspiring buildings in Europe. On the inside, it’s a dynamic, innovative, tech-forward space for creators and entrepreneurs.

Every year, the Creativity Center hosts Creativity Day, an event jam-packed with over 20 varied activities, from painting and performing arts to cuisine (the 2022 edition saw eight local restaurants participate via a themed tapas competition). Creativity Day fills every corner of Casa de la Moneda—the painting room, recording room, ballroom, yoga room—with ways to light up your imagination and self-expression.

Both on Creativity Day and on any ordinary day of the week, the Creativity Center fosters development in the community, by providing access to new ideas, inspiration and creativity, while offering the necessary tools and spaces to work. This is a place that aims to serve as an incubator for projects, helping students develop their business ideas as well as to introduce them to Segovia’s business community.

The exhibition hall is always full of art on display to showcase talented IE University students and community members, as well as IE University student assignments and projects from different classes. Check out the architecture designs, 3D-printed items, projects from the IE Fab Lab, and so much more. All of these collections aim to inspire the community to create, innovate and explore. The building also includes a workspace, perfect for working independently or collaborating on group projects, and a conference room where students are invited to listen to experts talk on a variety of subjects.

Come discover everything the Creativity Center has to offer! Sit down at the piano, start painting your next masterpiece with the materials we provide, have a jam session in our recording studio, or simply work on your mindfulness on the yoga mat. If you’re looking to break your routine, get a group of friends together and hit the pool table for a quick game! Get inspired, explore your innovative creativity, and pursue your entrepreneurial ambitions—all in this dynamic space designed to give students and the community room to grow.