IEU Experience


10 years of IEU Labs: real-life experience and professionalism

Since we launched the IEU Labs 10 years ago, they have been met with great success and offered countless students the chance to gain professional skills in a uniquely crafted internship-like experience. 

IEU Labs are our innovative alternative to the more conventional work placement experience. They give students the opportunity to work alongside top companies on real projects, allowing them to make a difference while working within a team. 

Although specifically aimed at first and second-years, IE University students from any program can join a Lab of their choice after following the necessary steps. They gain all the necessary skills and knowledge to turn project ideas into a reality, leaving their mark on the company, sector and their colleagues.  

A broad assortment of Labs are available to our students, including the Legal Clinic, Slow Fashion Lab, Branding Lab and Policy Lab to name a few. They cut across a range of disciplines and ambitions so that each student can tailor their experience to their individual professional goals and interests. 

This variety also helps them explore their options and discover what they want to do with their careers. IE University opens many doors to our students and choosing a pathway among all these options can be difficult. Through the IEU Labs, they will receive every resource they need to make this crucial decision. Many students have put themselves on the path to their future careers as a result.

“It has allowed me to know what I’m really interested in and what I want to do in the future. It provides you with the networking experience to know other professionals that can guide you.”

—María del Rosario Vázquez, Legal Clinic Coordinator

Gaining valuable, hands-on professional experience alongside your program is a great way to hone your competitive advantage. At the same time, it ensures that you’re the candidate that stands out when it comes to applying to internships and other roles post-graduation. Many students have landed internship opportunities as a result of the network they created and the skills they gained through different IEU Labs.

“Thanks to the Tech Lab, I got an internship with the company I was working with, followed by…another company. I was able to finish my studies with three years of internship experience, which was really helpful when reaching out to other companies at the end of my studies.”

—M. Jose David Vázquez, IE University undergraduate student

“Thanks to my involvement in the IEU Labs, I was offered an internship at Allen & Overy to be a pro-bono intern.”

—Ghizlane Laaouej, IE University Bachelor’s student

Our Labs give students expert professional insight into different sectors while providing impactful platforms to apply their program knowledge outside of the classroom. Learning the theory behind a concept is one thing; applying it to a real situation is another, and IEU Labs bridge this gap. It’s not just a chance to get some work experience—you never stop learning and growing your skill set while participating in an IEU Lab. 

“What makes the IEU Labs at IE University so unique is the fact that you’re contributing to society and at the same, you’re contributing to your own learning.”

—Ghizlane Laaouej, IE University undergraduate student

By the end of the experience, students will have built a solid foundation in key technical competences and deepened their understanding of day-to-day life in their field of interest. While they often come into the Labs with no prior knowledge of relevant concepts, they emerge able to embrace their initial fear and turn it into professional and personal progress. 

With the support of an expert network throughout the process, our students forge beneficial professional connections for life. What’s more, they gain the confidence to enter and flourish in the working world. The essential skills and unique insight developed through our IEU Labs empower them to reach out to companies with the knowledge, skills and experience to make an impact.

“The Lab doesn’t necessarily have to be one experience, but it can be the start of your entire future and your entire professional career.”

—M. Jose David Vázquez, IE University undergraduate student

IEU Labs are a learning experience. Students who have applied themselves to discovering what they’re passionate about have flourished into accomplished professionals, team members and peer mentors all while keeping up with their studies. 

Over these past ten years, we’ve loved seeing students put their knowledge into practice and build impactful ideas in the real world. Let’s see what the next decade of IEU Labs holds!