The exhibition will include blown-glass vases, glasses, and jars, elegant door knobs, studies of scissors and various models of wooden chairs, as well as the results of the visual design class in which students designed branding campaigns for several fictitious countries.

From January 9th to February 4th, the Creativity Center at Segovia La Casa de la Moneda (the Spanish Royal Mint) will display the work of IE University’s design students.

The exhibition includes works which have been created in La Real Fábrica de Cristales de La Granja (Royal Factory of Glass and Crystal of La Granja) and IE University’sFab Lab,” the work space for IE School of Architecture and Design.

Not only will visitors be able to contemplate the finished works; they will also have the opportunity to become familiar with the processes involved, and study the students’ preliminary design sketches, notebooks, and drawing analyses.

The exhibition, entitled “Learning By Doing/ Branding a Country,” is the product of a collaboration between IE University’s Bachelors in Design and IE Campus Life, organized by professors Andrea Caruso of Ciszak Dalmas Design studios and Ritxi Ostariz, founder of Estudio Ritxi Ostariz.

Design Students Exhibition

Photo by: Roberto Arribas

Some of the pieces exhibited in Segovia have been created by students enrolled in the “Introduction to Design Studio I: Learning by Doing” module, in which first-year students take their first steps into the design world and learn to assemble their very first projects, practicing the skills they will need to become professionals in the field.

This innovative module’s methodology combines theory and practice through nine exercises carried out over the course of the first semester. Students identify the importance of good design and develop a critical sense of the work involved,” assures Edgar González, director of IE University’s Bachelors in Design.

Other pieces included in the exhibit are the works and analyses of second-year students who have taken the “Branding a Country” module, which explores the different stages of a design project, from the most strategic elements to the purely visual ones. The main objective of this course was to challenge the students creatively, allowing them to develop a project that conceptualizes a visual language to meet the needs of a corporate identity (branding) campaign. Essentially, IE University students created a branding campaign for a series of fictitious countries; the culture, language, or geography of the imaginary country served as the starting point for the students to ideate a flag, a web application, slogans, logos, and tourism campaigns, among other materials.

Bachelor in Design

The Bachelor in Design is an innovative program that combines a solid base of design knowledge with a demanding project-based methodology, focused on real-life challenges. This undergraduate program at IE School of Architecture and Design strikes a balance between rigorous scientific and creative aspects of design with a business perspective, allowing students to transform and improve people’s daily lives. The Bachelor in Design is an integrated degree that aims to challenge the physical, experiential, functional, and emotional realities of today. It is aimed at flexible and daring students who can transform reality into something better and more sustainable, regardless of the resources available.

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