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Creativity is at the heart of innovation, one of IE University’s core values. At IE University, we honor our community’s unique voices and visions with the IE Foundation Prizes in the Humanities.

What are the IE Foundation Prizes in the Humanities?

The IE Foundation Prizes in the Humanities are annual awards that celebrate the IE University community’s creativity. The celebrated works are produced by students, alumni, faculty, and staff, and the awards are proudly hosted by the IE Foundation and the IE Arts & Humanities Division.

There are five categories, with the three best works in each category winning a prize. The prizes consist of a printed edition of all the winning works that year, which are also featured in a digital edition with the winning videos. The categories are as follows and can be submitted in Spanish or English:

  • Short story
  • Poetry
  • Short essay
  • Video
  • Photography

Every year the entries represent not just the huge diversity and range of perspectives on the humanities, but also the incredible creative talent and originality that the IE community expresses in multiple artistic forms. The 2021 submissions were no exception.

“Once again, we have confirmed the creative talent that makes IE University an extraordinary community. The IE Foundation Prizes in the Humanities have been consolidated thanks to extensive participation and the quality of the submissions, making the evaluation work of the juries very difficult,” says Victoria Gimeno, Director of the IE Foundation Prizes in the Humanities.

Previous winning submissions have focused on humanistic perspectives of modern-world issues surrounding society, culture and the environment. In our modern world, sometimes we don’t make time for creativity, but that’s exactly why we are striving to celebrate it more at IE University. Our previous participants have been very generous in sharing their stories, characters, landscapes and realities, but creativity is limitless and we want your input too.

Why should you take part?

Humanities bind us together. They help us celebrate the world that we have created and develop our critical thinking skills. Here’s what some of our past winners have to say about what humanities mean to them:

“It’s the expression of the essence of life.”

Hein Jurgens, Bachelor in Business Administration student, first prize for photography, 2021.

“The part of life that is about enjoyment and seeing beauty in the world and trying to capture that beauty.”

Anna Hattig, Dual Degree in Laws & International Relations student, first prize for short story in English, 2021

“Prizes like these and IE University are centered around the students, and on helping students become better people and better professionals.”

Luis Vivanco, Adjunct Professor of Operations & Co-Director of the Operations Analytics Farm, first prize winner for the short story in English and Spanish (Faculty and Staff).

How do I take part?

  • Be part of the IE University community as a student, alum, faculty or staff.
  • Submit an original piece of work.
  • Have some creative flair!