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Our students of the Bachelor in Architectural Studies have envisioned the change they would like to see in the world, and created breath-taking proposals to achieve it by tackling a wide range of problems in an innovative manner. Check out their thinking process, models, sketches and explanations of the projects. They have worked in the FabLab, in classrooms, studios and a variety of spaces to tackle issues that range from micro to macro. This process includes extensive research, collaboration, testing, evaluating and constantly creating new proposals. They also work in the Design Studio, a space where students are able to express their creativity, work in teams, explore ideas and the practical side of their learning. With this thinking process and learning by doing, our students are preparing to transform the world. These proposals seek to transform places such as Madrid, Palma de Mallorca, Tapei, Leeds University, Rio de Janeiro, among others. They have identified issues in these areas and created proposals to improve them; by changing the environment, the lives of locals can be greatly enriched.


The Hub is a space with the optimal environment for connecting, facilitating and enhancing growth and development. It is located a specific spot inside Leeds University campus because there is a numerous amount of activity and wide variety of people (age and culture) and both the city and the university are missing co-working spaces. The Hub is creating a new and unique environment in order to invite citizens and students to develop their lives in harmony with nature and reach happiness.

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The project takes an environmental approach in the form of a ‘gastronomic village’ in the woods. This will encourage people to leave the seafront and traditional activities of the town and get back to nature. The space itself it’s immersed in nature, being built in amongst the woodland, blurring the lines between natural and artificial.

Into the Woods IE University Architecture

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The Copacabana area of Rio de Janeiro bustles with its residents and tourists, rich with cultural diversity. With the implementation of a geometric and open geometry, the dual-purpose carnival museum creates a multitude of intermediate spaces as a structure and acts as a linkage between paths to a previously disconnected area of the peninsula.

Danielle White Render

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The purpose of the project was to build a reception for the building in front of the square in the site (Calle Sombrerete, 13, Madrid), which would be working as a B&B. The intervention focused on manipulating the square by taking advantage of the natural slope of the street to reorganize the circulation within it, with the creation of different levels of access and a big public space to be used by the community.

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If you would like to explore other projects and initiatives of our Bachelor in Architectural Studies students, we invite you to visit our Student Projects web section! Here you will discover how our students envision and create their models, ideas, and projects through creative and hands-on methodologies at IE University.