Student Projects: What are we creating?

@Alejandra Acedo

We question. We envision a new reality. We create.

Our students of the Bachelor in Architectural Studies have envisioned the change they would like to see in the world, and created breath-taking proposals to achieve it by tackling a wide range of problems in an innovative manner.

Student Projects

Check out their thinking process, models, sketches and explanations of the projects. They have worked in the FabLab, in classrooms, studios and a variety of spaces to tackle issues that range from micro to macro. This process includes extensive research, collaboration, testing, evaluating and constantly creating new proposals. With this thinking process and learning by doing, our students are preparing to transform the world.


These proposals seek to transform places such as Madrid, Palma de Mallorca, Tapei, Leeds University, Rio de Janeiro, among others. They have identified issues in these areas and created proposals to improve them; by changing the environment, the lives of locals can be greatly enriched.


Design Studio is a space where students are able to express their creativity, work in teams, explore ideas and the practical side of their learning. Thus, they are able to develop technical and creative abilities and bring together their knowledge and skills.