At IE University, we encourage our students to step out of their comfort zones and into the real world. Our extracurricular opportunities give our students the chance to do just that. We recently caught up with Margaux Dedenis, president of the IE Marketing Club, to hear about her experience in the club and the upcoming IE Marketing Day event.

Margaux Dedenis is originally from France but has lived abroad for the majority of her life. Her international background pushed her to find a university that would offer her similar diversity, leading her to IE University. Describing herself as a curious person and a keen sportswoman, Margaux enjoys a wide variety of things, including discovering more about the world, how people think, why they do certain things and how their culture influences their decisions. 

Before moving to Spain, Margaux was living in Singapore. She was ready to go back to the European lifestyle, yet another reason why IE University was the perfect fit. She decided to study the Bachelor in Business Administration, and is now rounding out her studies in her fourth year. Throughout the four years she’s spent at IE University so far, she’s done everything in her power to gain hands-on experience, meet people with different perspectives and work toward accomplishing her goal of building a business.

To that end, in her second year of studies, Margaux joined the IE Marketing Club, a club that brings together students from various bachelor’s and master’s programs. With the belief that “marketing and communications is at the core of any business,” Margaux thought that adding marketing to her skill set would help her achieve her goals. “You might build the best product with the best team, but if you’re not able to create a narrative that engages people then there’s nothing you can do with it. Marketing is where creativity meets strategy.” 

Behind the IE Marketing Club strategy

The IE Marketing Club targets undergraduate and master’s students studying in both Madrid and Segovia. The students offer three types of events on a monthly basis. Their workshops are designed to offer hands-on experience on a specific topic, while panel discussions bring experts in the fields to talk to students. And their career fairs provide a chance for undergrads to dip their toes in the world ahead, and for master’s students to network and land a role. 

“The idea of the IE Marketing Club is to cater to both sides. We want to help students, from those who are 18 years old and just starting out to the master’s students who have some experience under their belts. We need to have a broad scale of events that have focused topics and then bigger picture ideas. We want to show students that marketing is more than just the written portion of the narrative—it goes far beyond,” explains Margaux. 

The flagship event

The monthly events the IE Marketing Club hosts help students discover more about marketing and the paths they can take. All of these events lead up to the main event: Marketing Day. “The idea of this event is to offer one day a year where students can come and discover more about marketing.” The day is made up of workshops, panels, a career fair and networking sessions. “Each year, we take a deep dive into a specific idea. This year it was branding,” says Margaux. 

Marketing Day is designed for everyone, and Margaux encourages attendance, “If you’re an undergraduate student and you want to see what we do, come. If you’re interested in marketing, then this is for you.” She sees the event as a way for students to grasp how important marketing is within different businesses. “The idea is that everyone learns something.”

In addition to learning about the field and hearing from experts in the industry, Marketing Day is an opportunity to find a job. The IE Marketing Club works closely with IE Talent & Careers to bring in representatives from leading companies in the sector. “You have the possibility of meeting potential future employers and network with them while learning new skills. Marketing Day really is a global event and we hope to involve as many students as possible.” 

The most recent edition of Marketing Day saw the attendance at every event double compared to the previous edition. “We’re really proud of this; our team has done a fantastic job. It just goes to show how far you can go when you work with the right people.” 

IE University Marketing Day