At IE University, we understand that the road to success is not always smooth. We believe in supporting the visionaries of tomorrow in overcoming financial barriers.

IE University scholarships and loans aim to do just that—to empower candidates who may not have sufficient resources but show exceptional potential.

Having earned a scholarship through the IE³ Collaboration Award program, Kylar Cade is now a Law and International Relations student at IE University. We spoke to Kylar to find out how he became an IE University scholar and to gain an insight into how it has shaped his student experience.

Why did you choose to study your degree at IE University?

I was enticed by the idea of studying abroad for the entirety of my undergraduate career. With IE University, I have the opportunity to make this a reality and even have the option to do an exchange year as part of my program. This could take me back to the US, or to many new places I have yet to discover. I was also drawn to the emphasis placed on technological immersion at IE University as one of its key pillars. The opportunity to combine my interests and study a Dual Degree in Law and International Relations in this fast-paced and innovative environment was one not to be missed.

What motivated you to apply for an IE University scholarship?

I have a scholarship based on the IE³ Collaboration Award program. My main motivation for applying was probably similar to many other applicants—to ease the financial burden of studying at a good private university. I also wanted to benefit from the opportunities offered by scholarship programs at IE University.

How was the application process for your scholarship, what did you have to do?

The application process was straightforward. I applied for three scholarships; if I remember correctly, this was the maximum number of programs that candidates could apply to. I was required to write an application explaining why I should be considered for the scholarships as well as submitting financial documents as proof of my economic situation.

Why was the scholarship granted to you?

I’d like to think the people who reviewed my application saw that a scholarship would enable me to contribute to the IE University community. I was also fortunate to have had a range of opportunities before I applied to the IE University scholarships, so I could offer a different perspective and unique skills.

What are the advantages of being granted a scholarship at IE University?

For me, being active in the student network is a huge benefit of an IE University scholarship. Helping to promote IE University to others is really rewarding, which opens up the opportunities to both build relationships and strengthen my leadership skills along the way.

What is the academic importance of having a scholarship?

Having a scholarship definitely provides another layer of incentive for me to strive to do well with academia. Of course, there are conditions for maintaining a scholarship so I know it’s important to stay on top of my studies. My mother certainly doesn’t let me forget this!

What are the requirements and skills needed to maintain your scholarship?

Having a scholarship at IE University means being an ambassador and displaying the qualities that characterize students here. Of course, on the academic side of things, work ethic and intelligence are important, but IE University also prides itself on students who are sensitive and enthusiastic in their learning. Personally, I know that maintaining my scholarship also means being disciplined with my time in order to meet the academic requirements. But in order to be the best ambassador, I can be, I’ll need to keep an ambitious and motivated attitude as well as succeeding academically.

How has IE University helped you by granting you the scholarship?

By granting me a scholarship, IE University has eased the financial burden of being educated at a private institution and has encouraged me to give back. I’m confident that the scholarship and experiences gained at IE University will give me an edge as a prospective professional.

IE University scholarships fuel opportunities in your studies and beyond. Thanks to the continued generosity of our alumni, partners, companies, and donors, many different financial aid options are available to all IE University students.