Studying at IE University is not only a learning experience but also one of exponential professional growth. IE University graduates gain a rounded profile which is complemented by their unique worldview and immersion in the real world. Every step of the way, students are encouraged to explore their desired career path and use the wealth of opportunities on offer to discover their unique personal and professional ambitions. Javier Elena, a dual degree student, recently shared his experience with the program that led him to his internship with Accenture.

The Dual Degree in Business Administration + Data & Business Analytics prepares students for professional success, immersing them in the corporate world and introducing them to the inner workings of large corporations through various internship opportunities. These experiences play an essential role alongside their program in allowing them to truly explore their chosen career path and gain the necessary skills for success. With a leading faculty and the latest industry tools, this program is designed to guide the next generation of business leaders toward their future. 

Invaluable opportunities to learn in the real world

At IE University, we have an unmatched network of corporate, institutional and educational partners across the globe. These partners, in conjunction with our programs, offer the opportunity for students to intern at their top organizations. That includes impressive companies such as Accenture, where Javier Elena, a Dual Degree in Business Administration + Data & Business Analytics student from Madrid secured an internship.

Placements like these are in high demand, as they offer ambitious students the opportunity to get to grips with the hard work that goes on to keep sector leaders at the top. What’s more, it gives students plenty of hands-on experience to reference in any future job applications. We spoke to Javier about his experience at Accenture and how it’s impacted his future career. 

Javier Elena

What was your role in the internship?

During my internship at Accenture, I worked as a data analyst in their applied intelligence division. My primary responsibilities involved working on data visualization projects, conducting in-depth data analysis to uncover actionable insights, and collaborating with cross-functional teams to support data-driven decision-making processes.

How was your experience at Accenture?

My experience at Accenture was incredibly enriching and eye-opening. The company culture emphasizes continuous learning, innovation and collaboration, which deeply resonates with my personal and professional values. I had the opportunity to work on diverse projects across different industries, which broadened my perspective and enhanced my analytical skills.

What challenges did you experience and how did you overcome them?

One of the challenges I faced was adapting to the fast-paced and dynamic environment, where requirements and priorities could shift rapidly for different projects. To overcome this, I focused on enhancing my agility and flexibility, developing stronger communication skills to effectively collaborate with team members and honing my time management abilities to stay efficient under pressure.

How did your internship contribute to your personal and professional growth?

The internship was pivotal in my personal and professional development. It allowed me to apply theoretical knowledge in a real-world context, refine my technical skills and develop a deeper understanding of the role of data analytics in driving business success. Additionally, it helped me build a professional network and gain a clearer perspective on my career aspirations.

Javier Elena with friends

Be open to challenges and step out of your comfort zone, as these experiences are often the most rewarding and growth-inducing.

Javier Elena

How did studying at IE University help you during the internship?

Studying at IE University provided me with a solid foundation in both business and analytics, which was crucial during my internship. The practical, hands-on approach to learning at IE University, combined with exposure to case studies and projects, prepared me to confidently face the challenges that came up during the internship. The diverse and international environment at IE University also enhanced my intercultural communication skills, which are invaluable at a global company like Accenture.

Do you have any advice for students who want to pursue a similar internship?

For students interested in pursuing a similar internship, my advice would be to stay curious and continuously seek learning opportunities, both inside and outside the classroom. Networking is key, so don’t hesitate to reach out to professionals in the field, attend industry events and engage with your university’s career services. Finally, be open to challenges and step out of your comfort zone, as these experiences are often the most rewarding and lead to the most growth.

Javier made the most of his internship experience and we can’t wait to see him fulfill his professional potential in the future.