Designed by the Meteorito studio and developed by Segovian artist, Alberto Fernández Hurtado, the Creativity Center’s new corner is entirely dedicated to art, the humanities and entrepreneurship.

Whoever walks down the second-floor corridors at the Santa Cruz la Real campus in Segovia will discover a space that will forever leave a mark: the new corner at IE University’s Creativity Center, designed by Meteorito studio and developed by Segovian artist, Alberto Fernández Hurtado.

A combination of yellow, fuchsia, and blue over a black background indicates that we have entered this new space, conceived to act as an information point for activities, as well as a catalyst for dialogue and inspiration for young people interested in the arts, humanities, and entrepreneurship.

Creativity Center

“This space brings the philosophy and essence of Real Casa de la Moneda, the home of the IE Creativity Center, to our main campus in Segovia,” notes Juan Carlos Redondo, Creativity Center Director. Redondo recalls the corner’s origins as a request made by IE Campus Life to Meteorito—a prestigious, internationally renowned Valencian graphic design studio.

Meteorito created a direct marketing package—an experience box—for the Creativity Center with the aim of promoting all of the possibilities of this unique space where art, innovation and entrepreneurship coexist. The result was a detailed, and meticulously created limited-edition handmade design box. With high-quality finishes, the box simulated a journey through the IE Creativity Center.

“The covers simulate the doors of the Casa de la Moneda that invite you to enter and explore the voluminous spaces created by the different layers found inside. At the end of the journey, you find a personalized USB card that contains everything else you need,” note the design studio managers on their website.

The project was recognized internationally with various awards, such as the bronze medal at the ADG Laus Graphic Design and Visual Communication Awards 2020, a silver medal at the European Design Awards 2020, and a nomination at the prestigious Pentawards 2020.

Creativity center

Using the project as a springboard, Redondo and the young designer and visual artist Carlos Vega developed the Creativity Center’s corporate identity, including its logo and its presence on social media. “I suggested to the Meteorito designers that Alberto Fernández Hurtado—one of the most in-vogue Segovian painters—translated the look and feel of the packaging to the campus’ walls within which the corner is ultimately located,” explains Redondo.

Under the scope of IE Campus Life, IE University’s Creativity Center aims to establish a dialogue between IE University and the city through art and creativity. What’s more, the center has created an innovative ecosystem where young university students can share their ideas, interests, and innovative talent.

The IE Creativity Center is found within the Casa de la Moneda in Segovia, now given new life as a university building thanks to a collaboration agreement with the Segovia City Council. It features an exhibition hall, conference rooms and spaces for theater, dance, painting, plastic arts and other artistic disciplines. The Creativity Center also contains Area 31, a space dedicated to boosting students’ entrepreneurial ambitions.

Throughout its four-year history, the center has welcomed leading professionals from various artistic and entrepreneurial fields to present master classes, host workshops, and showcase their latest work. Additionally, the Creativity Center is an active participant in the city’s cultural life, collaborating with festivals such as the Hay Festival, MUCES, Women Transforming the World, Winter Indie City, and the Diverse Music Festival.

creativity center

In short, it is the ideal place for any activity, and its doors are open to the entire Segovian community. “It is a public, bilingual and safe space,” says Redondo, noting that, “IE University has made a significant investment in all of its spaces to guarantee their safety and ensure visitors can socially distance at all events.”  With this new organization, the University is also setting a limit on the capacity for each room to be sure that it complies with current legislation. The Creativity Center offers university students and young people in Segovia a unique combination of alternative academic and leisure activities that are completely safe and respectful of anti-viral measures.

Currently, the Creativity Center holds a range of workshops: the cinematography workshop with Pedro Collantes, the art and thought workshop with Alberto Fernández Hurtado, the music workshop with Juan Antonio Chas, and the dance workshop with Laura Segovia. “These workshops take place throughout the academic year. Each professor is Segovian in accordance with the University’s commitment to further strengthening its bond with Segovia and its surroundings,” highlights Redondo.

“We are constantly proposing new activities. A few days ago we held Creativity Day, which saw the participation of the artistic director of the Thyssen, Guillermo Solana. Additionally, we recently visited the Museum of Contemporary Art Esteban Vicente, where one of our alum performed, and we have also introduced students to the work of Vetraria Muñoz de Pablos, the Segovian company dedicated to restoring stained-glass windows. Currently, we are holding the “Castle of Cards” exhibition by Alberto Fernández Hurtado. We will also be visiting the Segovian workshop of the Madrid artist, Patricia Azcárate, and we are preparing for Humanities Week with a good number of proposals,” he concludes.