The IE Experience extends beyond the classroom walls, offering a range of experiences that spice up your academic life and personal growth. IE Clubs form an integral part of university life, bringing people together through interests ranging from sports to the arts, from entrepreneurship to community service. 

The IE Culinary Club is more than just a group of food enthusiasts. Whether you’re stepping in as a club officer or just looking to savor the club’s events, there’s a place for everyone. From visits to the best restaurants in town to blind-tasting competitions, the club is a hub of gastronomic exploration. Cooking workshops have covered cuisines as diverse as Vietnamese, Italian and Argentinian, with many more yet to be tried.

Leading the way for culinary exploration

The IE Culinary Club opens up a world of possibilities, offering participants a chance to journey around the globe through food, right in the heart of Segovia. Led by Bachelor in Business Administration student Tannaz Sajith, the club explores the culinary arts and uncovers the stories and traditions behind global cuisines.

Tannaz’s passion for food is contagious. Inspired by her mother’s culinary adventures, she infuses the club with a spirit of creativity and exploration. The club’s events are a testament to this spirit, like the collaborative feast with the Middle East and Asia club, or the upcoming rendezvous with the Italian and Mexican clubs, promising an immersive journey through the tastes and aromas of these rich cultures.

A city that tickles the taste buds

Segovia itself serves as the perfect backdrop for the club’s activities. Its tranquil pace of life allows students like Tannaz to immerse themselves fully in their culinary pursuits. From undiscovered street-side eateries to the historic Méson de Cándido, Segovia’s culinary scene is as rich and diverse as the club’s activities. The city’s calm aura and close-knit community vibe complement the club’s ethos, where every meal shared is an opportunity to forge lasting bonds and create cherished memories.

Life in Segovia offers more than just scenic beauty and historical landmarks; it’s a place where every street tells a story, and every meal shared is a celebration of community and culture. IE Culinary Club not only enhances your gastronomic skills but also invites you to delve into the local lifestyle, discover new favorites and even challenge your Spanish language skills in the most delicious way possible.

A club to suit every taste

Tannaz’s advice to incoming students is simple yet profound: “Be a part of everything—there’s something going on every week.” Segovia’s compact charm means you’re never too far from the next club event, the next culinary discovery or the next group of friends waiting to welcome you. The regular events are a testament to the bustling, vibrant life within the university, ensuring there’s always something to enrich your student experience.

Joining an IE Club isn’t just about enjoying good food or developing a specific hobby; it’s about being part of a community that celebrates diversity, fosters creativity and embraces the joy of sharing. Whatever your interests, the IE Community has something you’ll enjoy.