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Claudia Alonso Calvo hails from Spain but has spent the last 12 years residing in various countries, including Morocco, Thailand, and the United Arab Emirates.

During her high school years, she attended both NIST International School in Bangkok, Thailand, and Dubai American Academy in Dubai, UAE. Claudia is proficient in three languages: Spanish, English, and French.

Currently in her fourth year at IE University, Claudia is pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Communications and Digital Media. The university’s international environment has made her feel completely at ease. In addition to her academic commitments, Claudia proudly serves as an IE ambassador and has participated in the IE Women’s Football team.

At present, Claudia is in the midst of a six-month internship with IE University’s Marketing Department, where she’s applying her academic knowledge while contributing to the IE Community. Her current role involves content creation, a task she thoroughly enjoys.

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