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Dual Degree in Business Administration and Laws student Emilija Berzinskaite took the plunge and decided to head to Australia for her semester abroad during her fourth year. Read more about how the experience impacted her interest in law and her future professional career.

One of the competitive edges that IE Law students have is their exposure to international and comparative law. Outside of the four walls of the classroom, students are able to study in foreign universities and gain a deep understanding of another country’s legal system. Emilija Berzinskaite, a Lithuanian Business Administration and Laws Dual Degree student, chose to study at the University of Melbourne, one of IE University’s prestigious partner universities abroad. By stepping out of her comfort zone and heading on an international adventure, Emilija met new people and learned more about herself and her future career goals. She, like many other IE University students, make up a diverse community, which looks at the world through a unique and international lense.

Where was your exchange

I did my exchange at the University of Melbourne in Australia.

Why did you take the initiative to go abroad?

I have always love to travel and meet new people. For me, an exchange was a perfect opportunity to go on an adventure to the other side of the globe, especially after graduation and landing a job, making the move to another country for pleasure can be quite hard to manage.

Emiliaj Study Abroad

What are the biggest advantages of living abroad?

Besides getting to study at a foreign university that has a different educational approach and offers unique courses outside of your degree, you will also get to create your own experience from scratch. Going to a place without knowing anybody allows you to start fresh and look at every day as a challenge and an opportunity, especially since you are stepping out of your comfort zone. Personally while on exchange, I met some of the most wonderful, like-minded people from all over the world. It was amazing to create memories with them while partaking in adventurous activities, including road tripping and surfing.

Why did you choose the University of Melbourne?

The University of Melbourne is recognized worldwide for its high academic standards, especially in law. And coincidentally, this university happened to be in a city that for seven years in a row was rated the most liveable city in the world!

What would you recommend to future exchange students?

Be very open-minded when you choose where you want to go on exchange. Do not be afraid to face the unknown since it means living out the experiences that will enrich your life the most and make your time abroad unforgettable! And be proactive:  every city and country has to offer a lot if you are willing to explore it all.