Talent & Careers have published a report demonstrating the Class of 2017’s employability. We are glad to announce that 94% of IE University’s Class of 2017 job seekers reported they were currently employed. Read more.

IE University is an innovative institution that prepares students to stand out in today’s competitive world. Our bachelor programs are designed to develop students’ leadership skills, and equip them to overcome the professional challenges of the modern workforce.

One of IE University’s main objectives is that “IE University students (…) pursue a job where they can have an impact and do something meaningful,” says Carlos Diez, director of the Career Management Center.

The Career Management Center helps students find their ideal job, allowing them to successfully launch their careers and achieve their professional goals. In such a competitive job market, it’s important that our students work hard to achieve their ambitions. IE University’s Talent & Careers team gives graduates access to exclusive job-finding resources, aided by remarkable connections with global employers. With personalized guidance, career advice and one-on-one sessions, this service provides students with the best possible opportunities to launch their career.

Career Report Talent & Careers

Each year Talent & Careers publish a career report that displays important information regarding the employability of our graduates. It features interesting statistics including employability by region and sector, as well as successful stories from entrepreneurs and alumni at companies.

In this year’s report we are glad to announce that IE University students began receiving employment offers even before graduation. Many alumni were recruited by major multinational companies, while others preferred to join small and mid-sized companies and start-ups. Some companies and organizations that have made offers of employment to the Class of 2017 graduates are: Google, J.P.Morgan, Unilever, L’Oréal, Amazon, Deutsche Bank, Deloitte and Esteé Lauder.

In addition, 4% of our students chose an entrepreneurial route and started their own businesses. The report will feature two entrepreneurial success stories. The first one looks at Blvck Apparel, a clothing brand founded by Almustafa Mahmoud, a graduate in Communication. The second is about Cutnut, a platform that helps companies collect, produce and distribute quality content. It was founded by Teiko Wilenius (BBA +LL.B.), Philipp Nette (BBA) and Benjamin Ranft (BBA).

With the wide range of bachelors on offer, graduates find work in a variety of sectors. The top three employment sectors are finance, consulting & technology and media & communications.

IE University enjoys international recognition, and a global reach. The IE University Community is highly diverse as a result. On campus, there are over 130 nationalities, more than 65 languages spoken and 70% of our student population is international. From the Class of 2017, 14% of graduates are currently working outside their country of origin.

To take complete advantage of our Career Services, it’s important that students are sure where their interests, goals and motivations lie. In addition, they should be clear which sectors and companies are in line with their prospective career path. There are many services and activities available at IE University to help students explore their options and discover their passion. As a result of this, 22% of Class of 2017 graduates went on to continue their higher education, while another 4% went on to become entrepreneurs.

We are aware that our students are ambitious individuals who want to enjoy a rich and successful professional career. IE University’s Talent & Careers’ main objective is to help guide them along this path through careful assessment of their interests, expectations and skills.