IEU Experience


There are endless ways to push your studies to the next level at IE University. We encourage our students to take their learning far beyond the classroom, both on and off campus. By doing so, our students are able to build a unique profile that is attractive to employers, and they also can enjoy university life in the best way possible.

Below you can find an extensive list of the resources offered to students at IE University:

Talent & Careers

IE Talent & Careers is a professional development service that helps graduates launch careers across a range of industries all around the globe. It offers high-class tools, ongoing training, an extensive global network, and expert advice.

Student Services

Student Services is there to ensure your transition into life as a university student in Spain is as smooth as possible. The team works effortlessly to provide you with all the information needed so that you can focus on your studies and enjoy life at IE University.

Mentorship Society

This is an optional extracurricular activity. Aimed at first-year students, the Mentorship Society provides useful information on how to make the most out of your time at IE University from your very first day. Students in more advanced years pass down wisdom they’ve picked up along the way.

Counselling Services

This is an opportunity for students to speak to professionals in a safe environment. We offer services related to: special educational needs, mental health, and even yoga and meditation sessions, for when you need some extra guidance with managing both your academic and personal lives.

Language Center

The Language Studies Center offers students the opportunity to develop their multilingual communicative skills, increasing their global employability prospects and overall skillset.

Language Proficiency Track

The Language Proficiency Track is for students who need to improve their language skills. Offered as a special track during their first year, students have the opportunity to enhance their language skills to ensure their success within an international environment upon graduation.

Creativity Center

The IE Creativity Center is located on our Segovia campus and serves as a dynamic meeting place for students in Segovia. Here, they can share hobbies, flourish, and participate in events. The center has a variety of spaces, including rooms for rehearsal, theater and dance, yoga and meditation, meetings, workshops, conferences, recreation, lectures, meetings, and painting and visual arts.

Technology and Innovation

IEU Labs

IEU Labs give first- and second-year students the chance to gain real-world experience in a unique, innovative setting. There are 10 labs to choose from, each offering their own unique insight into the realities of different professional sectors, including consultancy, social, and entrepreneurship. They are led by professors and industry experts who use their first-hand experience to guide students’ journeys.

IE Module

The IE Module forms part of every bachelor’s program at IE University. The module is based around four pillars: Entrepreneurship, Humanities, Diversity, and Technology and Innovation. It sets out to cover the basic skills to help students work in multidisciplinary and dynamic environments. Taught from the first to third year, the content is structured to gradually increase in difficulty, with more elective options to help reinforce the transversal components of the module.


There are over 120 clubs at IE University, catering to everyone’s interests and talents. They are the perfect chance to meet other students, pursue your talents, and take a much-deserved break from studying. Clubs at IE University fall into the following categories: professional, social and community, athletics, arts society, and geographic.

IEU Athletics

IEU Athletics provides students with the chance to represent the university across a wide range of team and individual sports. Whether you’re a top athlete looking to further your talent at the collegiate level, or you’re wanting to play sports in a more recreational environment, there is something for everyone. Sports offered at IE University include: soccer, tennis, rugby, and golf, among others.

Blanca Mugüerza IE University


The IE Library is the perfect companion for your studies at IE University. If you’re studying in Madrid, the Vertical Library is available to you, and if you’re in Segovia, you have the Boutique Library. Both offer cutting-edge technology, quiet work spaces, group work spaces, Internet access, iPad and tablets for students’ use, and reading areas.

Virtual Campus

Every student at IE University has access to the Virtual Campus. This is an online learning environment where you can find reading resources, upload your assignments, check your schedule, and any other information related to your studies. It will be your first port of call for anything academic-related.

Exchange program

At IE University, we offer an international exchange program to all undergraduate students. Students have the option to study abroad at an extensive variety of prestigious international universities. Without a doubt, the semester abroad is an enriching experience which enhances a student’s academic, personal, and professional development.

Jose Pascual Study Abroad


For students looking to enhance their career prospects, we also provide them the opportunity to undergo internships at a large number of top-leading international organizations. Students are able to make life-long contacts, gain invaluable experience, and enhance their CV.