At IE University, our values of entrepreneurship and diversity propel our overall mission to educate the next generation of global leaders. As our university attracts more and more students from all over the world, we recognize the need to step forward into the future and expand our facilities here in Madrid.

Our current center in Madrid located on Calle María de Molina currently hosts both bachelor’s and master’s programs. However, as our academic opportunities continue to expand, we have decided to expand our facilities, customized to meet the needs of our undergraduate student body.

With a perfect location on the Paseo de la Castellana in the heart of Madrid’s Financial District, our innovative and sustainable project reflects the spirit of IE University through the construction of an urban and tech-based building. Furthermore, its ideal proximity to this booming business district will allow our students to seamlessly interact with major corporations and businesses.

The fifth tower will occupy a surface area of 50,000 square meters owned by the Madrid City Hall. The land has been granted to us to use for 20 years with an extension available for a further 55 years. As an advocate for environmental sustainability, IE has decided to create a high-rise building, an architectural design that has proven to be environmentally efficient in major cities. Besides the main building, our new building will have 7,000 square meters set aside for green spaces that can be used by our students as well as local residents.

Under the direction of Serrano-Súñer Arquitectura and Fenwick Iribarren Studios, our vision of a modern, groundbreaking tower has transformed from a difficult challenge into a reality. Extending both horizontally and vertically, our proposed project promises to act as a center that will benefit the future of both IE University and the city of Madrid. By providing open areas that integrate pedagogy and technology, we will be able to offer our students an innovative and unparalleled educational experience.

Vertically, the 35-story structure rising 180 meters high will make its mark on Madrid’s skyline. The tower, which will stand alongside the famous Cuatro Torres, will be home to 70 classrooms and a large number of work spaces and chill out zones available for use by our students.

Horizontally, the main building will provide a cutting-edge auditorium for conferences and lectures, sports and leisure centers for student use and a number of state-of-the-art libraries. Overall, our objective is for this tower to provide the space needed to foster academic endeavors and build teamwork.

As previously mentioned, the tower will also serve the city with its green spaces and extensive shopping complex, which will be home to restaurants and numerous centers dedicated to leisure, sports, and the arts.

Torre de IE University Madrid

With a completion date of 2020, we plan to be able to host a total of 6,000 students on the new building. While we move our bachelor’s programs to our second Madrid location, our master’s programs will remain at the María de Molina buildings where we also plan to carry out renovations.

Moreover, we plan to expand our campus in Segovia at the Santa Cruz la Real Convent, a national heritage site, in order to be able to continue offering our university degrees and management programs. Together, all three areas will cater to our students’ needs by providing them with the space needed to grow both academically and professionally.

As a leading institution recognized worldwide, we are proud to be able to carry out our mission to shape future leaders who will promote innovation and change throughout our globalizing world. This new tower sets out to not only continue on our mission to better our students, but to also keep playing a key role in Madrid’s overall economic landscape.