IEU Experience


Unlocking potential and broadening horizons through study abroad programs.

IE University offers students a diverse and international experience on campus in Segovia and Madrid. But taking the opportunity to experience a study abroad program in countries around the world allows students to get out of their comfort zone, see the world from a new perspective and enrich their university experience. Elise El Nouchi describes how her experience at the National University of Singapore has had an enormous impact on her life.

Why did you take the initiative to go abroad?

I wanted to go on exchange because I’ve always been really curious about discovering new cultures and countries. Singapore was the perfect destination for me, since I had been to North America and Latin America, many countries in Europe and North Africa; Southeast Asia was totally new to me. I figured that being part of a new experience in a region of the world I had never seen before would be really exciting, help me grow as a person and allow me to gain new knowledge. 

What are the biggest advantages of living abroad?

The biggest advantages of living abroad, I would say, are the ways it helps you develop your independence, forge your personality and meet different people that will challenge your ideas about reality. Also, depending on where you go, being abroad allows you to travel to other countries (close to where you’re studying) cheaply, and discover even more areas of the world.

Why did you choose this university?

I picked the National University of Singapore initially because of its very good ranking and the courses offered there. But, the university turned out to offer much more than I had imagined. I had the chance to enjoy the many facilities and clubs at students’ disposal and I met amazing people who were all passionate and hard working people. From the infinity pool, to the hip hop dance club or even cooking nights there were plenty of things to do to and ways to relax between classes and enjoy my time with friends. 

What would you recommend to future exchange students?

I would tell them to go for it, take a chance and just follow their gut. If you really feel like going on exchange to a country—no matter how far from home or different it is—do it. Do it because those kinds of experiences are the ones that make you who you are. Do it because it will bring you knowledge and values that will make you unique. In short, your exchange will definitely impact your life and your future, so enjoy it to the fullest (you’ll have time to worry again when you come back!).