IEU Experience


PLE student Alicia has taken full advantage of campus life in Segovia

Student life at IE University is about a lot more than one specific program of study. As a Politics, Law and Economics (PLE) student, Alicia finds encouragement and inspiration in the collaborative learning environment and an inclusive teaching methodology. At the same time, she’s very involved in clubs, activities and campus initiatives that help her cultivate a meaningful university experience.

Alicia Clara shares her experience with us

I’m from Madrid, Spain but I lived in Switzerland and France when I was little. I started studying the degree in Politics, Law and Economics a year ago in Segovia. What I like the most about this degree are the teachers. I really like the teaching method based on debates and readings. You know that when you get to class you will not be listening to a PowerPoint presentation. You learn through sharing and discussing your opinions. I think that’s what differentiates IE University from the rest.

Alicia Clara IE University

I really like the teaching method based on debates and reading…You learn through sharing and discussing your opinions.”

I am the head of the Catholic Club in Segovia. Myself and another student organize monthly mass in the beautiful cave of Santo Domingo. This ancient cave shares a long history, making it a unique and special place to meet.

I’m also part of the Debate Club and the Philanthropic Club. Members of both clubs get together to plan activities, conferences, workshops and campaigns. It’s a great way to have a social life outside the classroom and to see friends.

I have also been an IE Ambassador and Open House Coordinator for a year. Open House events are organized for students who are interested in studying at IE University; we show them life on campus. This year I am also participating in the Mentorship Society, which connects student volunteers with freshmen. We provide first-year students with helpful information about campus, how to make contacts and friends and how to adapt to life at IE University. This year I will be mentoring three first-year Politics, Law and Economics students. I love participating in these projects, advising future or new IE University students. I was fortunate to have a mentor during my first year at IEU and I found it very helpful.

Studying in Segovia has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. My first year, I lived in the Reyes Católicos Residence Hall, which was very practical since everything was taken care of for me. This year, I’m sharing a flat with some girls. Segovia is an incredible city. It’s small, but perfect for student life. Everyone is nice, there are many nationalities and cultures to experience right on campus… It is a very lively city full of activities and fun things to do.