We always strive to offer you various ways to take your learning beyond the classroom. From clubs and extracurricular activities to study abroad programs, these experiences keep you on the cutting edge of your field. The IE University Debate Club is one of these career-building opportunities.

The IE Debate Club connects you to other students and provides you a platform to step into the world of debate. Students from our Bachelor in International Relations, Bachelor in Philosophy, Politics, Law and Economics, Dual Degree in Business Administration & International Relations, and Dual Degree in Laws & International Relations recently shared their experiences in the club. 

Negotiation, research, public speaking and event preparation are among the myriad benefits for those who join the student-run club. But more than skills, you also get a chance to see firsthand what working for the United Nations would be like through Model United Nations. These learning experiences come with the IE Debate Club’s participation in several Model UN simulations, including the Harvard National Model United Nations (HNMUN), the London International Model United Nations (LIMUN), the Model United Nations of the Rey Juan Carlos University (URJCMUN) and the IE University Model United Nations (IEUMUN). 

Experiencing the Club Through Students’ Eyes 

Venezuelan María Victoria Felipe currently studies the Dual Degree in Business Administration & International Relations. She also serves as the vice president of the IE Debate Club, as well as an executive committee member of IEUMUN. María’s work in both has helped solidify her prowess and confidence in public speaking.

Leadership and speaking skills are not only important for business, but rather for all of life.

María Victoria Felipe

Thanks to the club, she’s been able to enhance her personal and professional network too. “The friends you make can be lifelong, lasting relationships. I’ve also met several UN professionals, as well as undergraduate and master’s students from around the world. These relationships will positively affect my life both personally and professionally.” 

Diego Hernandez is in his second year of the Bachelor in Philosophy, Politics, Law and Economics. He’s the director of finance for the IE Debate Club and represented the university at the URJCMUN. Throughout his experience in the club, Diego has gained skills that he’s been able to take back to the classroom. “I learned how to research, how to prepare for my events and how to negotiate,” he explains. Diego was also excited about connecting with new people who share his ideas

I met a lot of amazing people I wouldn’t have been able to if it wasn’t for the IE Debate Club.

Diego Hernandez

Mario Sans Majuelo serves as an IE Debate Club ambassador and is studying the Dual Degree in Laws & International Relations. He believes his extracurriculars are responsible for a lot of his evolution. “I have grown in so many ways,” he says.

The IE Debate Club and IEMUN have taught me how to negotiate, research and more, and I’ve been able to apply these skills to my studies. On a personal level, they’ve helped me build soft skills which I can also apply in these conferences.”

Mario Sans Majuelo

Shimwa ‘Shi-Shi’ Nyanchera Omanwa is another Bachelor in International Relations student. She was a delegate in the LIMUN, which allowed her to travel to London and meet like-minded people from all over the world. She explains, “It has taught me to listen more and be more forgiving to people in terms of separating them from their position in whatever circumstance.”

Lucas Iturmendi, a third-year student of the Bachelor in International Relations, is the sitting chair of IEMUN. He had the opportunity to be part of IE University’s team to HNMUN, something he calls a “life-changing” experience.

Academically, the benefits of joining this delegation have been endless. There were also a lot of social benefits both in and out of committee sessions.

Lucas Iturmendi

The Practical Side of Learning

The IE Debate Club and IEMUN help students unlock their full potential. Maria-Cătălina Văduva, a Dual Degree in Laws & International Relations student, participated in the LIMUN conference. Although nervous to dive into something new, she learned that “success is achieved when preparation meets opportunity and teamwork really does make the best work.” Additionally, she walked away with a greater capacity for problem-solving and an understanding that “diplomacy and negotiation skills are crucial” in every area of life. 

With these learnings, Maria-Cătălina and the rest of the team are ready to tackle their next MUN experience, along with whatever else the future may bring.

Joining the IE Debate Club is a chance to explore the possibilities. Each MUN conference is another foray into the world of work—and another opening to dive into something challenging, rewarding and fun.