IEU Experience


Romane Prisant is a second-year student pursuing the Dual Degree in Business Administration + Data & Business Analytics. For this native Parisian, being at IE University is the culmination of a lifelong dream to study abroad. Now, she’s carving her path and offering mentorship to freshmen just joining the IE Community.

I’ve lived in France my whole life, in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Paris. But my dearest wish has always been to study abroad. One year ago, I managed to turn my dream into reality when I moved to Spain to begin my new, exciting university life in another country. 

My parents and I did a lot of research prior to my joining IE University. And while I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to study, I was sure that the program I chose would combine business and the sciences. When I discovered the dual degree programs offered at IE University, I found the perfect fit—the Dual Degree in Business Administration + Data & Business Analytics

This worked out quite well because, for as long as I can remember, I’ve loved learning new languages. So not only would I join a top-tier institution abroad, but I’d also get the chance to perfect my Spanish, a language that holds a special place in my heart. Coming to IE University has turned out to be one of my best decisions to date: I love my classes, enjoy the knowledgeable faculty and have made many amazing friends too.

My IE Experience so far brings to mind my favorite quote—carpe diem. For me, it’s more than a quote but a philosophy and mindset that shapes the way I live my life. These past few years have shown us all the importance of living in the present moment. That’s why I take every opportunity that’s available to me at IE University, from academic activities to various student clubs and communities.

For example, last year I started playing football with the IE Football Club and had an enjoyable time doing it. This year, I’ve been working as a mentor with the Mentorship Society. Here, older students volunteer to take first-year students under their wing and help them learn the ins and outs of life at IE University. I love being part of this community as it’s given me the chance to guide freshmen at the start of their journey here.

Apart from that, I’ve also taken part in numerous workshops, seminars and labs to enhance my professional profile. Last year’s Marketing & Consumer Insights Lab taught me a lot about teamwork, project management and how real-life companies operate. Working alongside a team of friends and peers made this experience that much better.

But even with the busy schedule, I’ve been able to carve out time to pursue my hobbies—reading, drawing and painting, playing football, listening to music and watching movies. I even surf sometimes during the summer. In my day-to-day life, I like having a routine and sticking to it. So I’m usually up early to go to the gym and then to study before starting my classes for the day. Afterward, I love hanging out with my friends in the main square or putting together a home-cooked meal.   

My plans for the future aren’t set in stone; in fact, they are still quite undefined. That’s probably due to the fact that I enjoy a broad range of things, from math, biology, art and music to writing, making hand-made jewelry and even sports. That said, my goal is to follow the path that I’m shaping every day, not one that has already been defined or set by someone else.

So far, my time at IE University has been filled with amazing experiences. I’ve met so many interesting people from different countries across the globe and made plenty of lifelong friendships. Most importantly, I’ve learned that it’s our differences that make our connections stronger and much more special.