It’s no secret that health is wealth. The Roman poet Juvenal championed the phrase Mens sana in corpore sano—“a healthy mind in a healthy body.” Our physical and mental well-being are inextricably connected—exercise can boost your mood and immune system as well as keep you sharp.

A nutritious diet is also key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It’s not always easy to lead a healthy routine while juggling classes, projects and exams as well as having a social life. While a night out dancing can be great in terms of burning calories, let’s face it, staying fit involves more than that. Read on to explore Segovia’s world of fitness with us. 

Segovia may seem tranquil, but it’s also alive with bars, restaurants, plazas, shops, dance clubs…the list goes on. This makes it easy to fall into a routine of socializing that involves eating, drinking and spending money. Although a vibrant social life is crucial for a student, exercise and healthy eating should go hand in hand with it. Luckily, Segovia is packed with both indoor and outdoor activities to get your heart pumping and endorphins flowing. 

Are you the kind of person who needs a workout buddy or do you prefer to work up a sweat alone? Exercising with friends is always fun and motivating—and your healthy habits can start to rub off on one another. It’s also fun to start some friendly competition with your peers. We have great workout facilities at our Segovia Campus and they’re exclusively for IE University students. Hit the gym with your buddy to spot each other while lifting or challenge each other to an ab routine. IE University offers many Sports & Well-Being clubs, where you can join the soccer, basketball, dance, golf or swim team. Take advantage of all the perks that come with studying at IE University!

Segovia has spectacular natural surroundings for daily walks, pleasant jogs or mountainous hikes. The grounds of the Royal Mint and the Eresma River are incredible spots for a brisk walk. Or, if you’re up for more of a challenge, hike in the Parque Nacional de Guadarrama and immerse yourself in the fresh mountain air. A popular trail outside the park is Cabeza Lijar, which offers stunning lake views. 

Exercise should always be paired with a balanced diet and healthy drinking habits to fuel and nourish your body. 

  • Consume various fruits and vegetables to ensure you are getting all of the nutrients your body needs. 
  • Don’t skimp on protein, fiber, healthy fats or carbs…and give yourself a treat every now and then. 
  • Be scrutinous with which fluids you put into your body—plenty of water! 
  • Organize your meals at the start of the week, try to cook at home and use fresh and organic ingredients when possible. 

The key things are organization, perseverance and not getting carried away. 

Of course, all of the above tips are easier said than done, especially during exam season. Humans are creatures of habit—so create a routine and stick to it. If your Fridays are light, force yourself to hit the gym every other Friday to begin with and then build up to going every Friday and incorporate more days when you feel ready. Set reminders on your phone to exercise and reward yourself once completed. If you need specific self-motivation, put positive sticky notes such as “Let’s move!” on your bathroom mirror or fridge. As always, be gentle and forgiving to yourself when you don’t achieve your goals. We are only human, and life tends to get in the way.

Self-care can range from splurging on a massage to visiting the dentist, but exercise and healthy eating are paramount. Remember to take care of yourself even if you are feeling overwhelmed, lazy or unmotivated so you can live longer and happier. We hope implementing some of these tips will enhance your student experience in Segovia.