Meet João Góis, a Bachelor in Communication and Digital Media second year student, he came to the inspiring city of Segovia to meet people from around the world, and pursue his dream of working in fashion.

João Góis is a second year student at IE University studying a Bachelor in Communication and Digital Media. Originally from Oporto, Portugal, he came to the inspiring city of Segovia to meet people from around the world, and pursue his dream of working in fashion. At 19, he has already co-founded a clothing line, and feels ready to be a leader in the world of communication.  

Why did you choose to study Communication and Digital Media at IE University?

I’ve always been interested in marketing and communication. Since I was young, I’ve shown some talent in areas like design, filmmaking and public speaking. When I found this degree at IE University, I immediately thought it was perfect for me. This program focuses on more than just journalism, design or media relations. At IE University, the Bachelor in Communication and Digital Media incorporates a wide variety of courses that give students the opportunity to learn the basics in many areas, preparing us to become managers and leaders in the field.

I also wanted to study abroad and meet people from around the world. I saw it as an opportunity to open my mindto make sure that my personal development wasn’t limited by staying in the same social structures I had been in for my whole life.

What do you like most about the campus?

At first I was afraid to move to Segovia; I was worried that a small city wouldn’t match my personality. However, after arriving, I immediately understood the opportunities that come from being part of a small community. Students here are very close-knit, and we end up using most of our free time to be proactive and develop our dreams. Working on such a beautiful campus with all the facilities we need is perfect for developing projects. I feel privileged to study and work in historic buildings tailored to my needs, allowing me to be my best.

Where do you see yourself after graduation?

I came here knowing that I would love to work in the fashion industry, and probably as a marketing producer for a big, luxury brand. That dream is still alive, and I feel closer to achieving it every day. However, I’ve also begun to understand the importance of growing at my own pace. After graduation I see myself working at a start-up related to fashion or technology, with a say in many areas of the business, and a high level of responsibility.

How has IE University helped you discover your career path?

IE University has helped me discover my career path because it has helped me discover myself. I learn more about my own skills and talents every day because of the hands-on approach of my courses. It’s important for people my age to recognize their strengths as a team member, and through the group work we do at IE University, I was able to do that.

What kinds of opportunities have you taken advantage of as a student of this program?

In my first year I took the opportunity to start my own brand with a classmate. What started as a conversation over dinner, ended with me as the co-founder of a clothing brand related to our love of football. Team XI was launched in the summer of 2017. It has been the perfect opportunity for me to learn about management by doing, and to put into practice the communication skills I’m learning in a real-life project.

Last year, I also joined the Leap Conference team as the general director of the project. I’ve had the opportunity to do a full rebranding, and implement an idea called Leap Interviews. I was able to explore my skills in video content production by creating a series of interviews with inspirational students about their achievements.  I also became the Student Government Officer (extra-curricular officer) allowing me to flex my muscles in event organization, which is a field that I love, and one of the courses in the program.

What about this program inspires you?

The game-changing approach of the program is inspiring. By merging a business mentality with communication skills and marketing perspectives, we stay ahead of the curve. We apply theory to the world around us, with professors who understand that the world is changing and we need to be ready for what is coming.

The beauty of this program is that it allows you to work in any field. There is no industry or company that does not require an active communications department. I feel that I will have the skills to manage a team of communication professionals, guiding them towards a common goal with a coherent voice.