Are you thinking about pursuing IE University’s Bachelor in Communication and Digital Media? Here’s all you need to know about this innovative program, and what to expect in your future career.

Communication is one of the fundamental skills of the 21st Century. From business, law and technology to society in general, the impact of digital media can be felt in the transformation of every aspect of life. As social media and other modern communication channels continue to change the way we connect and interact, it’s evident that the need for professionals who understand today’s communication needs are higher in demand than ever before.

The Bachelor in Communication and Digital Media fills this gap, helping career-oriented professionals gain a competitive edge in a dynamic market. The full-time, four-year program gives students the skill set and expertise to make brands shine in an increasingly digitized, globalized world.  Offering a broad base of knowledge across the fields of journalism, communication, advertising and public relations, this marketing-focused program blends quality education with an emphasis on innovation, practical skill and hands-on experience.

On track to career success

Graduates from the Bachelor in Communication and Digital Media are masters of adaptability, staying up-to-date with the latest trends shaping the market. They combine creativity and strategy to create and deliver messages that are impactful and add value. 

Trained by a world-class faculty of professionals and practitioners, our students gain extensive expertise and valuable insights from the best of the best. Our vibrant, multicultural environment gives them the global perspective necessary to succeed on the international stage. This program also equips them with business and entrepreneurial skills, and empowers students with the latest tools and digital technologies through the innovative MediaLab.  That means that our graduates are highly in demand by leading employers in the industry. From large multinationals to SMEs and startups, these fine-tuned professionals go on to occupy a wide array of roles in marketing, advertising, branding, digital content creation, digital strategy and more.

Some of the top companies that hire alumni from this program include Lafarge, Avertra, Bits & BYTE Global, and Appetite Creative among others. However, our students’ journey into the professional world starts right on campus via the numerous internship opportunities on offer. They have completed internships in organizations such as Nestle, Mango, Telefonica, and more.

Career Report of Graduates in Communication and Digital Media

Alumni share the scoop

After graduation, students from the Bachelor in Communication and Digital Media go on to make huge strides in the professional world. The support of the IE Talent & Careers team and our extensive alumni network means that they are regularly exposed to plenty of opportunities for professional and personal development.

That said, students need to develop certain essential skills to be ready for the world of work. Alum Valentin Schoettle—who has held various roles in giants like EY, Hugo Boss and, now, TikTok—describes what it takes to succeed in the sector. “You must be agile, passionate and communicative,” he says, adding that flexibility and the ability to keep an open mind are key to finding new opportunities.  It’s also important to be patient and curious in order to keep up with this ever-evolving field. Valentin credits the unique, practice-based teaching methodology used in the program with preparing him to climb the career ladder to new heights.

“Thanks to my time at IE University, I now have an outlook on the world that allows me to think beyond the normal and simple. I was always encouraged to think beyond my own four walls and explore new opportunities and approaches in order to make my own mistakes—and then learn and grow from them. I think it’s important that I’ve had that in order to be prepared for the future.”

Valentin Schoettle

Valentin is just one of several alumni who are breaking boundaries and accomplishing great things in a variety of industries. Here’s what other graduates had to say about their own experiences both before and after the Bachelor in Communication and Digital Media:

“The highly collaborative, multidisciplinary approach and the vibrant multicultural community of IE University empowered me to develop well-rounded skills and values—important for any communication role, but essential for impact-oriented work. With IE University’s focus on practical training, I was encouraged to engage in multiple extracurricular projects, which were key to creating employment opportunities before graduation.”

Esaú Gozalo, Digital Media Designer at VeraContent and Content Manager at Goodwall, Spain

“I received key insights that will positively impact my professional career. I’ve learned that you must demonstrate determination, enthusiasm and respect for the specific communication culture to succeed in any work environment.” 

Athina Rickmers, Intern at Jebsen Capital, Hong Kong

As an entrepreneurial spirit is at the heart of IE University, the program has also given rise to many entrepreneurs, who have created innovative startups around the world. One such business leader is Camila Monguzzi, the founder and CEO of Fitclub Collective, who said who benefited from the array of support and professional development opportunities available at IE University.

I chose IE University because of its international recognition, cultural diversity, and the fact that it’s in Madrid—a city that was silently calling me. Now I know it was because there was an opportunity waiting for me; it was meant to be. One of the workshops that helped me the most was the Venture Lab. I was kindly invited to participate as an undergraduate student, which wasn’t very common. It helped me build my confidence, learn pitching skills and how to stand up for myself and my ideas. I also met wonderful mentors with whom I am still in contact today.”

Camila Monguzzi

Driving transformation

IE University is at the forefront of providing quality education that prepares students to lead in the digital era. The Bachelor in Communication and Digital Media teaches them the intricacies of digital transformation and empowers them to tackle challenges in a creative manner that drives growth and innovation. Start your journey with IE University and discover a world of possibilities.