IEU Experience


Get to know Camila Barbagallo, a Bachelor in Data and Business Analytics student, who came to IE University with a plan of study that has slightly changed thanks to the opportunities she has received while on campus.

Our diverse and international community at IE University is made up of students, like Camila Barbagallo, who make our campus an innovative place to learn and develop both as students and future game-changers. Spending her childhood and early years of adulthood in Latin America, Camila arrived to Segovia ready to take on new challenges and has turned her interest in numbers and business into her passion. However, she didn’t always know what she wanted to do. Read more and see how Camila’s first year classes guided her to change her study plans and dive into one of our most relevant and forward-thinking degrees that we offer.

Where are you from?

I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, but only lived there until I was eight. Then I moved to Chile for six years and Ecuador for four, and so far, I’ve spent two years living in Spain.

Why did you choose this degree?

I joined IE University last year as a Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA) student; however, after completing my first year of classes, I realized that it wasn’t the degree for me. In spite of this, I noticed that the only classes that I was enjoying at the time were my math classes. Soon after, I started investigating IE University’s course offering to find a new degree and stumbled upon the Bachelor in Data and Business Analytics (BDBA). As I began to browse through the brochure, I immediately fell in love with everything it had to offer. Throughout high school, my favorite classes were always mathematics and coding, so I couldn’t have found a better degree to pursue!

What do you like the most about the Bachelor in Data and Business Analytics?

What I love most about my degree is how innovative it is. It’s a degree that is currently in high demand with all of the technological developments being made. As the world experiences these new trends, here at IE University we are thoroughly investigating them. Being able to analyze and come up with conclusions from several data points is enthralling. This degree gives me the opportunity to connect consumer behavior with statistical analysis, which is perfectly aligned with my skill set and passion for numbers.

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Tell us about your experience is you have been in any extracurricular activities

As of now, I haven’t joined any extracurricular activities, but I look forward to starting a seminar next year. I am looking forward to moving to Madrid for my third academic year to explore the extracurricular activities they offer there.

Tell us about your experience in Segovia?

My experience in Segovia has been amazing! Segovia is a beautiful small town where you have everything within walking distance, Plus, it’s only a 30-minute journey to Madrid. Segovia has beautiful mountains that you can hike and have an amazing time with friends. From the time I moved to Chile, back in 2008, I have always attended an international school. I think that the opportunity IE University gives us to have classmates from all around the world is amazing. IE University lets us open up to new and different cultures and traditions, something that wouldn’t be possible in your typical university.

Personal Experience

During my senior year of high school, I created a company that sells ice cream through home delivery. In order to start this business, I developed a marketing plan through both consumer and market research. Following this research, I developed the perfect portfolio, which included a communication strategy to promote the company through the use of flyers and roll-ups. I believe that creating this company cultivated within me an entrepreneurial spirit and taught me how to solve problems on the go while being resilient. Also, through this project, I developed a passion for understanding consumer behaviors and analyzing the data behind them. Similarly, I am currently looking for more opportunities in which I can learn and gain experience at the same time. As I learned from my NHS experience, it’s very important for me to combine leadership experience with projects that allow me to help my community and better the world we live in.