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Third year BBA Student Armando Martín has recently won Jumping Talent 2018 alongside his team-members in the Banco Santander Team.

This event brings together nearly 100 of the top student talents in Spain and 12 large corporations including Bricomart, Burguer King, Calidad Pascual, EY, Hilti, Indra, Leroy Merlin, LG, MediaSetEspaña, Saint-Gobain and Banco Santander. An invitation to apply was sent earlier this year for students to apply via an IE University Talent & Careers invitation.

Armando highlights ‘teamwork, creativity, and communication skills’ as the keys to success in this challenge, all of which he believes he’s learnt during his time at IE University.

Armando, who will soon go on exchange to Cornell University in New York, has shared his experience with us.

Jumping Competition

What exactly is Jumping Talent? How would you explain this to someone who hasn’t heard of it before?

Jumping Talent is one of the biggest events for brilliant students that want to be closer to the companies that are leading their sector. On the day of the event, corporate Human Resource departments interact with the students chosen (around 90 out of 6.000 applicants). They observe how people within the groups work and they try to find the individual who is more suitable for their company.

It is an informal event that is divided in 3 different parts: The presentation of each individual in an original way, the selection of the members of each group by each of the companies participating in the event, and the final challenge, where each group has to solve different logical questions by playing different roles. This last part was more like a Gymkhana.

After this, a team was selected to be the winner of the contest.

How did you find out about this opportunity and why did you decide to apply?

The Talent and Careers team sent an email with the link to the application for the process and I decided to be part of this experience due to its prestige and the possibility of networking with people working at companies such as Banco Santander and EY.

What would you highlight about this experience? What are the benefits of participating in events like this?

The best part is the number of contacts you can make on the day of the event. Participants are really talented and the background of some of them is incredible! I got to meet people studying in Cambridge and Oxford and people interning at BNP Paribas and Banco Santander, for example.

Also, companies there were actually recruiting and the winners were offered internships and invited to participate in academic courses like the IE University Summer School Program and English courses by Diverbo for free.

How do you feel your IE University experience helped you perform and be part of the winning team?

Teamwork, creativity and communication skills were fundamental for success in this challenge and all of them have been taught to me at IE University.

Would you recommend this experience to other IE University students in the future?

Yes, I would recommend this experience to other IE University students because of the opportunities that it can offer. Moreover, the great environment enables the possibility of  both making friends and getting in touch with the best talent in Spain.