IEU Experience


Twenty-year-old Justin Morgan from Atlanta, USA, has a keen interest in global culture—which made IE University the ideal fit for his academic ambitions. Totally immersing himself in both campus life and Segovia itself, he’s seeing things from a different viewpoint and sharing his experiences online.

With interests as broad as writing, political science, philosophy, and culture, Justin describes the Bachelor in International Relations at IE University as the “perfect fusion” of everything he could ask for. He chose IE University as the “best of any of the universities” that he was investigating during his senior year of high school, and his choice has certainly been vindicated.

Justin’s consistent amazement at attending a campus that is considerably older than his home country is mixed with a genuine love of Segovia, a city he says he adores. Commenting on the isolation and lower diversity levels found at a typical American campus, he feels he has stepped out of a bubble and is seeing things from an entirely new perspective.

He has certainly made the most of that broader viewpoint, getting involved in several clubs and even co-founding the IE University SDG Club. But he’s perhaps most active as Assistant Editor-in-Chief of The Stork, IE University’s student-led newspaper. He manages editorial content and co-manages a team of editors—work he says has been an incredible experience that he’s very proud of.

Justin is involved with several clubs because they’re so accessible, he says. He describes the entire IE University Community just as positively, citing the time and effort that faculty members make in getting to know each student individually. The nature of the classes themselves suits how Justin prefers to learn. Seeing a positive outcome on a big project after a long period of hard work is, he explains, extremely satisfying.


As a lover of the outdoors, one of the first things Justin did upon arriving in Segovia was to purchase a mountain bike. That investment has paid off handsomely as he rides out on journeys of discovery at least twice a week. The biking and hiking that he does around the city and beyond make him very happy. In fact, he regularly posts images of his adventures on his Instagram page to show off the beauty of the area.

Despite feeling so at home in Segovia, Justin hasn’t forgotten where he came from. An ambition of his is to go into local politics back home in Atlanta, Georgia. He feels a very personal connection to the city and sees a lot of potentials there. With what he’s learning both inside and outside the classroom, the knowledge, skills, and experiences he’ll take back with him should stand him in good stead to make a real impact on his home city. We wish him all the best.