IEU Experience


When talking to Eva Monzón, it becomes no surprise to learn that this Spanish-born undergrad chose to study our Bachelor in International Relations. Designed to immerse students in an international environment and prepare them to confront complex, cross-border economic, political and social challenges, the program aligns nicely with Eva’s own international mindset. Describing herself as resourceful and creative, Eva is multilingual and has already studied abroad. We spoke to her about her IE University experience so far.

I chose to study the Bachelor in International Relations at IE University because I wanted to understand how the world works, and discover more about international organizations. Also, the program gave me the opportunity to experience living and studying abroad, which was an important element for me. I did my exchange semester at the Università degli studi di Milano in Italy. I’ve really loved the degree.

How did IE University help you in aligning an exchange with your greater goals for future?

IE University helped me align my exchange with my greater goals basically by giving me the opportunity of experiencing life in another country. Also, it was their partnership with the Università degli studi di Milano, one of their many academic partners worldwide, that enabled me to attend this great university in Milan.

What did you miss most about IE University during your exchange?

What I missed the most about IE University during my exchange semester was the university as a whole; the program, the classes, their way of teaching, and for sure the teachers. In my view, the faculty at IE University are better prepared, and have more real experience, than in any other university.

How do you think IE University’s exchange program helps shape a student’s personality, future and academic experience?

I think it makes you more independent because you have to manage it yourself. It’s an important part of your learning journey and another benefit of the way IE University does things.

What are your thoughts on the process? Did IE University guide you well along the journey?

IE University guided me really well, yes. Also, it was really helpful that right through the process they helped me by answering any questions or doubts that I had.

Any additional thoughts or comments?

There are so many extra-curricular opportunities on offer to students at IE University. Not only that, but the partnerships they’ve formed with companies, organizations and other educational institutions are incredible. I think every student should take advantage of the opportunities that IE University offers you, but most especially of these partnerships