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Jimena López-Navarro is a fifth-year Dual Degree in Business Administration + Laws student at IE University. Her international spirit comes from being Spanish and Peruvian, but having grown up in Brussels. She speaks Spanish, English and French fluently and is currently learning Russian. IE University was the perfect match for her international drive

The moment I visited IE University, my mind was made up—it instantly felt right.

Jimena López-Navarro

I am Spanish and Peruvian, but I grew up in Brussels, where I lived until moving to Madrid to join IE University. I am in my final year of the dual degree in Business and Law. I speak Spanish, English and French fluently, and I am also learning Russian.

Why did you choose to come to IE University?

I originally wanted to study in the United Kingdom, especially as I grew up in Brussels, the heart of the European Union, and was enrolled in the British education system. The natural next step was to continue my studies in an international university. And the moment I visited IE University, my mind was made up—it instantly felt right. As a Spaniard who has never lived in Spain, or anywhere besides Belgium, my choice also gave me the chance to live in Madrid. Five years later, I couldn’t be happier about my decision.

What made you choose the Dual Degree in Business Administration + Laws?

At first, I was unsure about which undergraduate path to take. I knew I was interested in law as it’s the foundation of life in society. It’s a solid pillar, but at the same time, it is constantly evolving as society develops. Versatile by nature, law covers many fields where human relations and interests come into conflict, opening a lot of doors to possibilities. But I was also interested in business. I’ve never been a science person, but I like numbers and know that for anything in life, personal or professional, it’s important to have a background in economics and finance. 

IE University’s Dual Degree in Business Administration + Laws gave me the opportunity to combine my interests and help me decide which sector I’d like to work in in the future. Throughout my five years studying, I’ve solidified the fact that I chose an incredibly comprehensive program. I’ve also discovered a passion for law and I have decided to start working toward becoming a practicing lawyer.   

How do you feel IE University has helped you personally and professionally?

From day one, IE University utilizes a practical approach. This “learn by doing” mindset is instilled in students—instead of simply memorizing laws, we take our time to think and reflect critically. I value this approach as I feel that it sets IE University graduates apart from the rest, especially in the fast-paced environment in which we live.

I value IE University’s hands-on approach as I feel that it sets its graduates apart from the rest, especially in the fast-paced environment in which we live.

Jimena López-Navarro

Can you tell us about your current internship? Why did you choose this company, and how did the Talent & Careers department assist you during your internship search?

Thanks to IE Talent & Careers, I’ve had the opportunity to work in three different Spanish law firms—Broseta Abogados, Uría Menéndez and Cuatrecasas—where I’ve learned more about commercial law, European Union & competition law and litigation and arbitration. I chose to apply to intern with these leading companies because I knew I would be learning from the best in the industry. Additionally, exploring the practice of law in different fields has allowed me to identify the areas of law I am most interested in pursuing. Experiences like the IE Law Talent Forum, which put me in contact with law firms, and the Career Development program, which provides tailored guidance as I advance through my program, are one of many reasons I know that IE University was a perfect fit for my personal and professional growth. 

Five years down the road, I couldn’t be happier with the choice I made and the experiences IE University has given me.

Jimena López-Navarro

What do you do when you’re not studying? What are your hobbies and interests?

When I’m not studying, I love cooking, traveling, reading and visiting art exhibitions. I highly recommend visiting my favorite museum, the Thyssen-Bornemisza, if you’re in Madrid. Their temporary exhibitions always offer something new and unique. And while I’m offering recommendations, my favorite book as of late is How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie. 

What are your plans for the future? What path do you want to take after graduating?

As for the future, I plan to study a Dobles Masters de Acceso a la Abogacía to pursue my career as a lawyer. I’d like to study in the US—and maybe spend a few years working there—to ensure that I can successfully practice law in two jurisdictions. I’ve really enjoyed my international law classes, specifically international criminal law, public international law, and EU law. To be honest, I’m not exactly sure which area of law I want to focus on, but as a wise musician once said,

Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans.

John Lennon