Coming from a multicultural background herself,  IE University Collaboration Award recipient Jennifer Winsome tells us how diversity at IE University has allowed her to flourish both academically and personally.

How did you choose IE University and why did you choose to study your degree?

I’m half Russian, half Australian but I just lived in Ecuador all my life , and I’ve always wanted to study in Europe.

In the last two years of high school, I found my passion for business, as it opens a wide range of career opportunities. I was specifically drawn to Spain by its amazing culture and environment. Being multicultural, and coming from an international school, IE University really stood out to me as one of the most diverse universities in the world, with over 100 different nationalities on campus.

After reading about their Bachelor in Business Administration, their incredible exchange programs, and visiting the campus, I realised that IE University was the place where I wanted to pursue my degree. It felt like the perfect environment for me.

Why did you apply for scholarships? From the different IE University scholarships (fellowship, academic, personal…) which one do you have?

I am in a complicated situation back home, so I wanted to do everything I could to help my mother out. I was granted the IE University Collaboration Award, where they have me participate in a project in an IE University department. I am with the admissions department, helping organize events and giving campus tours.

How was the application process for your scholarship and what did you have to do?

Once I was admitted to IE University, I started looking at the different scholarships on the website and came across several different options. I highly recommend applying as early as possible as there are limited scholarships the university can grant! After taking a few days to decide, I narrowed it down to a maximum of three that I thought I would be a good candidate for.

I then had to write an essay explaining my academic or personal achievements, and why I should be granted the scholarship I’d selected. For the IE University Collaboration Award, I explained about my past helping out my community, and certain skills I have that could benefit me and the university. My parents then had to provide documentation about our financial status. After I finished my application, the Financial Aid Department informed me that I would get a response within two to four weeks.

Why was the scholarship granted to you?

It was mostly based on my academic achievements in high school, and my complicated situation back home. My willingness and determination to commit and expand my skills to be in an IE University project was also a factor.

What are the advantages of having a scholarship at IE University?

Having the scholarship at IE University gave me an opportunity to pursue my aspiration of studying for the Bachelor in Business Administration in a fruitful and innovative environment. It has also allowed me to meet new people, as I’ve been able to interact with other ambassadors from different degrees.

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What is the academic importance of having a scholarship?

Having the IE University scholarship has allowed me to continue my studies at a university that’s widely recognized among business schools worldwide. With the Bahelor in Business Administration being accredited by AACSB, AMBA and EQUIS, it has opened so many doors for future exchange programs and internships.

What skills do you think are needed to maintain it?

In order to maintain this scholarship, you need to pass all of your courses, strive to do your best and attend most of the events that are assigned to you. I think it’s very important to be flexible, on top of your work, and have good communication skills. You have to interact constantly with your colleagues, the department you’re in, and the families at the events.

How has IE University helped you by granting you the scholarship?

Being granted the IE University Collaboration Award has helped me in many ways. Firstly, it gave me the incredible opportunity to continue pursuing my passion for business, always motivating me to perform my best. Additionally, I am a part of the admissions department and I am required to talk with families at events, and this has helped me to improve constantly and learn new skills.

Specifically, it has really helped me to grow my confidence in public speaking. I’ve built friendships with people I would never have met if it weren’t for this scholarship. Overall,

IE University has become a key to opening many doors in my future, both as a professional and an active member of the community.

IE University scholarships are available in limited numbers to talented and motivated people like Jennifer who may not otherwise have access to such study opportunities.