The IE Foundation awards scholarships to talented applicants who demonstrate academic excellence among other criteria. The scholarships on offer give ambitious students—who may not otherwise have access to study—an opportunity to thrive.

We spoke to Eshan Singla, recipient of an IE Foundation scholarship, who told us about the impact the entrepreneurial scholarship has made on his personal and academic career.

Why did you choose to study the Bachelor in Business Administration at IE University?

One of the main reasons I chose IE University was because of its entrepreneurial focus and hands-on approach, which I believe are unique. For example, the majority of my professors have worked in their respective fields and sectors. As a result, we not only receive a lot of academic knowledge from them, but they also provide us with great insight into the real-world application of our studies. Another unique feature of IE University is its diversity. My class is made up of around 40 people from almost 30 different nationalities, which is commendable.

In terms of my undergraduate program, I chose the Bachelor in Business Administration because, ever since I was a child, I wanted to operate my own business. This seemed like the perfect stepping stone toward that goal.

Why did you apply for a scholarship, and what kind of scholarship do you hold from the range on offer?

I am the recipient of an entrepreneurial scholarship, which is a mainly merit-based scholarship. I applied for this because I wanted to self-sponsor my education as much as I could, and reduce the financial burden on my family.

What did the scholarship application process involve?

The application process kicked off once I was accepted into the university. I completed the application around two years ago, so I’m a little foggy on the intricacies of the process. However, I remember that the most important section involved writing an essay on my achievements and outlining why I should be granted a scholarship. I first checked which scholarships I qualified for, and then I chose up to three different options from that list. I then moulded my essay so it was aligned with my choices.

Why were you awarded the scholarship?

I believe I was awarded the scholarship because I not only met its criteria, but I was also able to prove that throughout my time at IE University I would contribute a lot to the university and add value to its community.

What are the advantages of holding an IE University scholarship?

The main advantage is the fact that it has reduced the financial burden on my family. It also keeps me motivated to continue working hard and give my best in every aspect of university life.

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What is the academic importance of holding a scholarship?

It helps me stay motivated in striving to perform my best in every class and extracurricular activity.

What do you need to do to maintain your scholarship, and what skills does this involve?

In order to maintain my scholarship, I try to keep a consistent academic performance in terms of my grades. At the same time, I try to participate in a variety of IE University events and immerse myself in university life.

How has this scholarship helped you?

As mentioned before, the scholarship helps me stay motivated and push myself further in all aspects of university life.

It’s clear that Eshan not only recognizes the huge value of a scholarship but uses it as extra motivation to thrive academically.