With the pandemic as the backdrop, everyone’s routines and habits had to change. From working at home to eating and socializing from home, students’ day-to-day life has been transformed. University life has moved to Zoom, where online meetings only allow you to see your peers through a screen.

Students from the Bachelor in Behavior and Social Sciences: Maia Lin Benzadon, Salome Khundadze, Sofia Martin Giron and Claudia Diez Carcedo, have created a podcast for their final Qualitative Tools for Understanding People class project. The podcast focuses on how the pandemic has changed the experience at IE University. By interviewing several students and teachers, these students gather opinions and experiences, as well as how it could be improved to be more user-friendly and as similar as possible to 2019. 

The students behind this podcast chose this topic because Covid-19 isn’t going anywhere, so “we might as well try to make it more approachable.” University is a vital part of a student’s lives, networking and making memories that will last forever. The team wanted to elevate the voices of other students and get insight into how they really feel about this new experience and it could be improved to make everyone’s lives easier. 

The team’s hope is for the IE University community to listen to their podcast and hopefully try to implement some of the recommendations they give out to improve the virtual experience.