Maite Gomez is no stranger to working hard and reaching for the stars. Now doubling as head of YouTube Spain and Portugal and an IE University School of Science and Technology professor, Maite is an uplifting example of how you can make your realities feel like dreams with a bit of ambition and drive.

After completing her MBA at IE Business School, Maite went on to work in a number of unique roles. From brand manager at British American Tobacco to Marketing Director at Danone, each position she’s held has played a fundamental role in making her who she is today. Despite obstacles being thrown her way, Maite was able to land her very impressive position as Head of YouTube Spain and Portugal, and become a leading female inspiration for many.

“I’ve learned from so many amazing professionals during my career trajectory, and now I want to be able to give back and inspire others.”

Driven by a curiosity to learn new things

Motivation in the workplace can come in many forms, and it’s important to have a management team that you can learn from both personally and professionally. Luckily for Maite, her bosses over the years have been nothing but inspirations. From learning how to strategically approach projects to tackling the sometimes nerve-wracking world of public speaking, Maite has had mentors who have helped shape and lead her to become who is today.

While it’s true that your mentors can play a big role in motivation, there is also the need for a drive from within. This is evident in Maite who, from a very young age, has always dreamed big. Although her childhood dreams of becoming an astronaut may not have come to fruition, Maitie’s ambition has skyrocketed her career to new heights—pun intended.

Maite’s aspirations are strongly rooted in her desire to learn new things and then share these with her peers. In fact, that’s exactly what led her to become a professor at IE University. With an ability to share compelling stories, Maitie felt that it was time for her to help others and become a role model to many. 

“Authenticity is key for any aspiring professionals. Now, more than ever, it’s vital that professionals show their vulnerability. This is what makes them stand out from the rest.” 

First Youtube, next the world

Having a background in business and economics, it’s no surprise Maite has an impressive career history, working for companies such as Google and Artsana Group. But, how did she come to teach at IE University? According to Maite, it was a no brainer, thanks to her love of sharing her knowledge and desire to inspire others. 

Sharing some of her tips for success, Maite emphasizes the importance of always staying curious. Whether that means asking questions, or pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, she stresses the need to take risks and make mistakes. It’s only from these mistakes that you’re able to learn. 

“Never be afraid to make mistakes. It’s a crucial element to helping us learn.”

A female inspiration to many

The need for female leaders has never been so critical. Organizations have a responsibility to make this happen. But, at the same time, there is the need for women to step forward and overcome the obstacles that may be holding them back. Successful leaders must encourage and support one another—empowered women empower women. 

“Surround yourself with allies from whom you can grow.”

Maite Gomez is an inspiration to all IE University students looking to turn their ideas into a reality. From an aspiring business student to the head of Youtube Spain and Portugal, Maite’s successes are limitless.