IEU Experience


Elizabeth Sanchez Chang is currently in her fifth and final year of the Dual Degree in Business Administration & Laws. She recently completed a unique summer program in the US, as well as an internship with a leading law firm.

The rich culture of innovation and constant growth at IE University…set me up for success in all areas of my life.

Elizabeth Sanchez Chang

From a very young age, I knew what I wanted: to be in an environment that empowers pioneers and innovators. That’s why I chose to come to IE University and, so far, it has turned out to be one of the best decisions I could have made for my personal and professional life. The broad selection of academic programs and activities, vibrant campus life and lively student body have allowed me to enjoy all the benefits that come from its focus on diversity and culture of innovation.

Now in my final year pursuing the Dual Degree in Business Administration & Laws, I’ve gained the necessary skill set to build a successful career in both business and law. Commercial and corporate law, entrepreneurship, writing and much more—the program covers an extensive mix of topics that I believe have given me an upper hand in a highly dynamic and competitive field. What’s more, I believe that the freedom I’ve had to tailor my experience to fit my own career goals has set me up for success in every area of life.  

My time in the program has been one of connection and growth. Through various events like the World Law Congress Madrid 2019, I’ve been able to meet many brilliant professionals from the field that have helped me shape my career goals and refine my vision of the future. 

I recently completed a six-month internship with a top legal firm in Madrid. It was an enlightening experience that only served to sharpen my career focus, narrowing it down to data privacy, business law and real estate law. Furthermore, it was the perfect chance to hone my skills in legal research, legal writing and client consultations. Getting there, though, required the guidance of the IE Talent & Careers team. They helped me build a proper resume—incorporating sector-specific career tips—and provided a ton of useful information and resources.

IE University is always making sure they provide their students the most relevant and innovative educational experiences available.

Elizabeth Sanchez Chang

This summer, I also took part in the IE University and Brown University Joint Summer Program. There, I gained more insight into entrepreneurship and innovation while practicing pitching skills with my peers and professors. 

From the IE Law Society to Campus Life and more, I’ve been able to join several of the amazing clubs and communities that IE University has to offer. There have also been numerous opportunities to create my own legacy and leave a mark: I recently became president of the newly merged IE Debate Club. Not only have we competed and won awards internationally, but we’ve been able to create certified training programs with expert guidance from the university and faculty. 

In 2020, we were able to organize the very first IE Model United Nations Conference and it drew in students from all over the world. And by establishing beneficial collaborations, we were able to organize invaluable networking events with high-profile executives from well-known companies like HBO and Paramount.    

I’ve enjoyed each of these experiences at IE University, but I’m especially happy to have made lifelong friends from across the globe. They have introduced me to other cultures, perspectives and philosophies in life while helping me learn more about myself too—a priceless experience, fundamental to who I am today. 

Already designing the next stages of my life, I plan to take the bar examination in the US and become a practicing lawyer. I want to be the best at what I do and hope to start my own business in the future. My ultimate goal is to use the knowledge and skills gained in my program to create a positive impact in my community. 

Choosing to come to IE University was one of the best decisions I could have made for my personal and professional life.

Elizabeth Sanchez Chang