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María Verónica Ramos Romero was born in Venezuela, but has spent the past 21 years living in Saudi Arabia, Switzerland and Spain.

She studied at Saudi Aramco Expatriate Schools in Saudi Arabia during her freshman year where she took part in many activities, including a trip to South Africa to assist in the building of an elementary school classroom. The rest of her high school years were spent at The American School in Switzerland. During her time there, she traveled to Mongolia to teach intermediate-level English to middle school children and graduated with awards.

María Verónica is a fourth-year IE University student pursuing the Bachelor in Business Administration, and the university’s international nature has made her feel right at home. Besides her studies, she has participated in the IE Music Club, IE University Mentorship Society, IE University Technology and Innovation Club and the IE University Marketing Club. She is also enrolled in an advanced seminar class.

María Verónica is currently completing a six month internship with the Marketing Department at IE University, where she is applying her knowledge from her studies while taking the chance to give back to the IE Community. She currently works with content creation and loves it.


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