Carlos Marquerie is the Director of the Bachelor in Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence at IE University’s School of Human Sciences & Technology.

Prior to joining IE University, Carlos studied Sustainability and Finance at Harvard University. Later on, he spent 10 years building two global technology startups (SUNN 4i, Moonshot Innovation) that use Artificial Intelligence and Data Science methods to design and manage global innovation ecosystems. In his roles as Founder and Chief Scientist, he led the development of algorithms, advanced architectures and Artificial Intelligence to create the first neural innovation taxonomy that forges connections between key enabling technologies, industries, investors and startups.

Before entering the world of technology startups, Carlos enjoyed a 20-year career in consulting. He served as Director, Partner, and Senior Consultant in top global consultancies like KPMG, PWC (Coopers & Lybrand), Deloitte (Arthur Andersen), Indra   and   Capgemini.   In   these   roles, he   focused   on   strategic   planning   and technology-based innovation. Carlos has been adjunct professor at IE Business School, CEU Business School, and the Católica Lisbon School of Business & Economics.   Carlos holds an MBA from IE Business School, a Certificate in International Strategy from London Business School, and has a Bachelor in Law from Universidad Complutense of Madrid. Carlos is a global citizen who has worked in Spain, Portugal, Russia, USA, Singapore, Israel, and Colombia. He is an accomplished jazz guitarist, and co-founder of Café Berlin jazz club in Madrid.

Carlos Marquerie lets us in on the secrets of computer science, Artificial Intelligence and the future of tech in business

Carlos Marquerie is the academic director of the Bachelor in Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence at IE University’s School of Human Sciences & Technology. Before joining IE University, he built two global technology startups, leading the development of algorithms, advanced architectures and AI for global innovation systems. Prior to that, he held executive roles at several of the world’s top consultancies, focusing on strategic planning and tech-based innovation. He has also been an adjunct professor at various business schools, and holds an MBA, a Bachelor in Law and a Certificate in International Strategy. He has lived and worked in several countries around the globe, and is also an accomplished jazz guitarist.

Can you tell us about the Bachelor in Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence?

The Bachelor in Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence is a world-class program for forward-thinking, disruptive tech lovers, who aspire to design and develop AI software that will reshape industries and businesses.

Artificial intelligence is a computer program that can mimic certain aspects of human intelligence, such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making and translation. Instead of simply following commands, AI employs intelligent strategies and heuristics to solve problems with human-like intelligence.

How is the program structured?

The first two years of the program focus on building a solid foundation in computer engineering, through courses in mathematics, calculus, algorithms, computer programming and architecture, as well as a few in AI.

In the third year, students delve into AI’s advanced tools and approaches, learning about high-performance computing, natural language processing, chatbots, reinforcement learning, and computer vision.

The final year is all about the application of these subjects to exponential technologies, such as bioinformatics, bionics, cybersecurity, financial algorithms, extended realities, robotics, human–computer interaction, blockchain, cryptocurrencies and much more.

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What makes this program unique?

This is an applied program in computer science with a strong focus on AI and its real-world applications. It links the world of exponential technologies to computer engineering with a disruptive mindset.

We’re also going to launch Technology Seed Programs in collaboration with global exponential corporations, so students will be very close to moonshot programs (disruptive technology ideas) starting in their first year.

Why should someone study the Bachelor in Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence?

Technology is a disruptive force that is reshaping business, government, society and our daily lives. Computer scientists are the most revolutionary and disruptive professionals of today, responsible for designing and developing the exponential technologies of the future.

These professionals have the potential to make an enormous impact on the world through the development of AI software. AI technology is constantly improving, and the data and processing power that drive it are becoming cheaper and easier to obtain.

As IE University computer scientists, our students have the freedom to follow their passion, transform our reality and project a unique vision of technology. They might use technology and AI to improve medical diagnoses, measure climate change, build smart cities, secure government data or automate services. Regardless of the industry or organization, computer scientists are in high demand.

How are computer science and artificial intelligence transforming industries, and by extension the world?

The global AI market, including technologies such as machine learning, image processing, natural language processing and speech recognition, will reach a value of more than $191 billion by 2024. Due to advances in computing, AI is rapidly gaining popularity, and various industries are seeing dramatic improvements in efficiency and quality.

Although skeptics warn that AI-powered machines could make humans obsolete, such apocalyptic scenarios won’t happen anytime soon. Instead, AI will help human workers to handle complex and time-consuming tasks.

Artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning technologies have entered the mainstream; they’re being adopted by enterprises all over the world. While these technologies certainly hold the potential to vastly improve the quality of operations in the corporate sector, they also stand to disrupt many existing markets—such as food, retail, supply chain and logistics, construction and more.

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Who is a good candidate for the program?

Someone who is conceptually and analytically minded, with a strong basis in mathematics, calculus, algebra, programming and tech devices. In general, someone who loves disruption and new technologies.

Can you give some advice to students who are interested in this program?

It will be an incredible journey for anyone with a passion for technology and a disruptive mindset. It’s important to understand that your professional career starts in the very first course of the program, requiring a high level of concentration on new and advanced concepts.

What kinds of career opportunities do graduates have after completing this degree?

There are several key professional roles for graduates. They can become Artificial Intelligence technology leaders, who design complex AI systems across industries and develop sustainable advantages using AI as a competitive force. For example, they might found tech startups or become CTOs in traditional or emerging corporations.


They can also become AI consultants for strategic boutique companies and major consulting firms. Or they might work as AI engineers, who use the foundations of machine learning to design expert systems and natural language processing. And those are just a few possibilities!

When it comes to innovation and disruption in the tech field, the sky is truly the limit. If you’re interested in developing and implementing the technological tools of tomorrow, a degree in computer science and AI might be the perfect choice. Use your skills to change the world