The new Dual Degree in PLE and Data & Business Analytics will help you gain strong analytical skills by experimenting with the latest data technologies and tools applied to the political, legal, and economic fields.

In preparing for their future careers, today’s students must do the impossible: predict the future. According to the World Economic Forum, “the most in-demand occupations or specialties did not exist ten or even five years ago, and the pace of change is set to accelerate.” To stay ahead of the curve, IE University offers innovative programs meant to create thinkers and leaders who are well-equipped to tackle whatever challenges the future may bring.

IE University’s latest dual degree program is designed for those who are eager to make an impact on a globalized world by harnessing the power of data. Combining two disciplines—the Bachelor in Politics, Law, & Economics and the Bachelor in Data & Business Analytics—this program trains students to apply data science to today’s most pressing social issues. Upon graduation, students will be prepared to understand, disrupt, and change complex social matters, and make data-driven decisions on a global scale.

Here are some of the cornerstones of the program, and how they’ll help you land the career of your dreams—even if it doesn’t exist yet.

Understanding our complex society

 As George Santayana famously said, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” Thankfully, IE University’s dual degree program begins with a comprehensive historical overview of economics, law, and politics—ensuring you’ll avoid said condemnation. During the first year of the program, you’ll also learn the basics of data analytics. Later, as you delve deeper into political philosophy and legal theory, you’ll learn how to apply data science tools to analyses of PLE data. Taking a broad course load means your skills will be widely applicable. Even if you’re not yet sure what career path you’d like to pursue, these courses will give you the foundational knowledge and practical skills necessary for success in any field.

Learning by doing

To stand out among a pool of qualified job applicants, it’s important to have relevant practical experience. With the option to participate in a year-long internship, exchange program, or even a professional boot camp during the fourth year of the dual degree program, graduates will have a competitive edge as they begin their job search. More importantly, though, this hands-on experience will prepare graduates for smooth transitions to successful professional lives, as they will already be well-versed in using data analytics to explore the social complexities of modern society by the time they receive their cap and gown.

Driving innovation and technology

 When applying for a job, it’s common to focus on the benefits a position will offer you. But, try shifting your paradigm and thinking about what you can offer your desired employer. A thorough understanding of technological tools like cloud computing, or of Big Data and the Internet of Things, can set you apart from peers, particularly if you can use that understanding to inform your decision-making process. Innovation and technology are shaping our future, and understanding how they work means that you can better shape your own future.


Making a positive impact

IE University’s dual degree program is meant for students who ask big questions and want to make big changes. That’s why IE University gives its students the opportunity to create true social and political impact during their undergraduate careers. Through participating in international competitions, like the World Bank Big Data Innovation Challenge, students are able to develop innovative solutions to pressing real-world problems such as climate change. In the process, students can apply the number-crunching skills they’ve honed in data science classes to real-world challenges, ultimately making decisions shaped by their multidisciplinary background in PLE.

IE University strives to drive innovation, both by offering cutting-edge programs, and by preparing its graduates to be tomorrow’s leaders. If you’re analytically minded, like asking the big questions, and want to make a difference, the Dual Degree in Politics, Law, & Economics and Data & Business Analytics is your ticket to the most important jobs of tomorrow.