Here are six of the hottest jobs you can find when you graduate from IE University’s Bachelor in Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence.

There are an increasing number of tech jobs, with roles in software development, cybersecurity, and data science in demand across all industries. And with innovation continuing to disrupt businesses on a global scale, this is set to rise for years to come. Even the more traditional companies are beginning to resemble tech companies, leading to new roles to keep up with the new tech-focused landscape.

In the most technologically advanced areas, such as AI, there is a shortage of highly skilled individuals with the vision and drive to succeed. The Bachelor in Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence provides students with the necessary skills to take advantage of this high-potential job market. Here are six of the hottest jobs you can find when you graduate from IE University’s Bachelor in Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence.

Software developer

A software developer is the brains behind the software that’s used to support the development and use of machine learning and AI systems. There are a few core skills which a software developer must master: coding, software testing, problem solving, and computer programming.

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In IE University’s Bachelor in Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence, students learn these exact skills. They will become the creative minds behind computer programs, developing applications and the underlying systems that run devices.

AI research scientist

As the name implies, an AI research scientist specializes in all things AI, such as machine learning, applied mathematics, and statistics. These individuals may be in charge of leveraging AI-powered insights to achieve business goals established by their organization. Employers usually look for professionals who have a master’s in computer science or a related field.

If you’re looking to become a high earner working in AI, then complement your bachelor’s with one of IE University’s exciting master’s degree programs, including the Master in Computer Science. This will turn you into an incredibly sought-after professional, working in one of the most important industries of our time. Whether aerospace, IT, or manufacturing (to name a few) there will be many doors open to you.

Business intelligence developer

Similar to a data scientist, a business intelligence developer designs, develops, and maintains business intelligence solutions. However, they focus more on helping businesses make sense of data. Data is their world, and they spend most of their time analyzing it to find market trends.

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The Bachelor in Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence bridges the gap between tech and business, helping students to become ground-breaking business intelligence developers. In this program, designed by experts from IE School of Human Sciences and Technology, you will discover how to drive disruption in businesses that will shape our tech-based future.

Data scientist

Becoming a data scientist involves analyzing, visualizing, and modeling large amounts of data and numbers. In this role, you will be using computer science to extract data related to a company’s product or service. In addition, you may also use machine learning models to help businesses make more effective decisions in the shortest possible amount of time.

This requires a highly skilled person who has plenty of experience in bioinformatics, digital health, cybersecurity, and much more. Thanks to IE’s Tech Studio, as a student of the Bachelor in Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence, you will have the chance to apply your learning to real-world challenges and projects. 

Cloud engineer

A cloud engineer is responsible for working with all things cloud computing, including design, planning, management, maintenance, and support. This job is accompanied by a seemingly endless list of exciting tasks—which explains the high salary.

If you’re thinking about becoming a cloud engineer, the Bachelor in Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence will help you develop an expertise in all the associated tasks. These include: using continuous integration to deploy applications; writing, correcting, and debugging code; using containers in development processes; and applying code to implement essential security measures.

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Cybersecurity engineer

Security is a concern for everyone in our increasingly interconnected world, especially companies and consumers. There is a growing need for individuals who have a deep understanding of computer science to improve organizational safety. Companies are looking to increase their security efforts, but there’s just one problem… there aren’t enough people to help them.

This is where you come in. As a graduate of the Bachelor in Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence, you will have the exact skills to help organizations protect their company, products, and consumers.

In addition, this program pays special attention to the human side of computing, focusing on human behavior, social sciences, and ethics. As a result, you will become a skilled engineer with the ability to make a positive impact on the world around you.