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Innovative thinking is essential for businesses to thrive. Yet many business leaders are ill-equipped to be drivers of innovation, so their attempts fail, particularly at larger companies. Faced with a business landscape that’s evolving rapidly—and can even be unpredictable at times as the wider world goes through a period of instability—adaptability has become a critical strategic advantage.

When traditional business models no longer work, or the broader market conditions that made them successful have altered, business leaders need to get creative. That doesn’t necessarily mean changing course completely—it’s about applying creativity in addressing the problems businesses are facing and building workplace cultures that value change and innovation. The alternative is stagnation which, in modern business, dulls you and your organization’s competitive edge significantly.

By adding strategic design expertise to your professional toolkit, you’ll be ready to handle the fast-paced business ecosystem and make yourself hugely attractive to potential employers in the process. That’s what our Certificate in Creative Problem Solving for Business is designed for.

For aspiring entrepreneurs or seasoned professionals

Delivered in an intensive, five-week period, this summer certificate program adopts a highly flexible format that allows you to explore the program content at your own pace. It’s the ideal certification whether you’re just beginning your business career or already immersed in the space and looking to keep ahead of emerging trends.

By cultivating your creative mindset, focusing on human-centric design in problem-solving and honing your strategic design expertise, this certificate makes you the versatile, innovative thinker businesses are searching for today.

IE University Certificates

What will you study?

The Certificate in Creative Problem Solving for Business is rigorous from day one. Academic director Knu Kim’s multidisciplinary experience as a brand owner, strategic designer, photographer and professor is reflected in the curriculum’s broad base. You’ll be working hands-on, tackling real challenges in groups, in a program that follows a strategic design journey from discovery to delivery of your own project. 

After an Introduction to Design Methodologies & Discovery, you’ll move through four distinct phases:

Discovery Phase: Design Research & User Empathy, where you’ll explore user empathy and spatial experience with real-world case studies and participate in field activities like service safaris and empathy mapping.  

Define Phase: From Data to Insight & Reframing, which is all about learning to transform raw data into powerful and immediately applicable insights, as well as gaining the graphic design skills to present your findings and ideas.

From Define to Develop Phase: Ideas, Journeys, Prototyping, where you’ll gain a deep understanding of today’s buyers to craft the ideal customer journey. You’ll put theory into practice with research, prototyping and feedback gathering.

From Develop to Deliver Phase: MVPs, Business Design & Service Blueprinting, a course that shows you how to bring a concept to market. From the development of MVPs to financial aspects and compelling storytelling, you’ll finish what you started in the previous phase by learning to integrate the whole proposal into your overall business model.

Capstone Project, the culmination of everything you’ve learned. Complete your journey by pitching your project to a team of experts and peers to receive personalized and invaluable feedback.

The perfect complement

The Certificate in Creative Problem Solving for Business is only one of our four summer certificate programs. The perfect add-on to any non-business undergraduate degree at IE University, this certification imparts a fully rounded set of skills and knowledge that opens doors in any sector, regardless of what you see in your professional future.

If you’re ready to unleash your full potential in the business world, discover more about the Certificate in Creative Problem Solving for Business here.