IE University offers students a university experience like no other. Students are able to ignite their passions and take their learning one step further.

With over fifteen bachelor’s programs and dual degrees to choose from, you will have no trouble finding a degree suited to you. Whether you are passionate about Laws, Economics, Business Administration, or Communication and Digital Media (among many others), IE University provides the perfect environment for you to take your studies and evolve into a leading professional on a global scale.

IE University Degree

A unique approach to learning

IE University has crafted a unique approach to learning which enriches each individual student’s experience. Centered on a practice-based approach to learning, professors at IE University know no boundaries when it comes to enhancing student’s studies. Incorporating group projects, debates, and opportunities for real-life experiences in the field, IE University ensures learning is never confined to staring at textbooks and memorizing theories.

Our esteemed faculty also understands the importance of individualization. Each student has different skills and interests, so why should their learning experience be homogenized? At IE University, we are proud to boast our opportunities for degree personalization which help students become the unique individual they want to be.

Learn from leading experts in the field

Not only do our professors have unsurpassable knowledge on their topics, they are also leading professionals within their respective fields. Working at top-leading companies from across the globe, they are able to bring their experience into the classroom and offer students a first-hand insight into the professional world. Our professors incorporate real-life simulations and debates centered around their experiences.

In addition, our professors are able to offer advice to students who wish to pursue a career in their field, as well as being able to open up the doors to a vast network of contacts and other professionals in their field.

IE University Degree

Join an exciting global community

IE University is renowned for its incredibly diverse international student and teaching body. Our 130+ student nationalities and 45+ languages spoken on campus enhances the student experience, offering a learning environment brimming with fascinatingly global ideas and views. Not only are students able to make friends from all around the globe, the varying range of languages and cultural backgrounds lifts the classroom experience up to an unsurpassable level.

By immersing oneself in an international environment, students will also be more than prepared when working at international corporations. Students are able to impress future employers with their cultural awareness and understanding, and offer a global perspective on topics and issues, making them stand out from the rest as global citizens.

Opportunities to take your learning one step further

Learning at IE University is so much more than what students learn in the classroom; it’s the experience. From day one, students are offered an abundant amount of opportunities to grow. Centered around fostering an innovative mindset, students are encouraged to partake in internships and exchanges, helping to transform their CV and create an excellent profile.

Students also have the opportunity to get involved with clubs and activities, incorporating a range of interests. These may be academic clubs, such as the Debate Club, or clubs to help students take a break from studying, such as Hiking Club.

Keep up-to-date with current changes and advancements

Ranked among the top 10 worldwide for innovation in technology and teaching, IE University prides itself on keeping up-to-date with emerging technologies and advancements in the given fields. Our professors ensure these advancements are implemented into their programs and guarantee that students are prepared to tackle any learning curves or technological growing pains they may face in the future.

Live and learn at our campus

With our campus located in Segovia and Madrid, students are able to experience the true Spanish lifestyle right in the center of it all. Our campus offer a fulfilling sense of community for our students. With 75% of our students being international, students soon become part of a community of like-minded individuals who are able to grow alongside one another and push each other to exceed their potentials.

With our central campus location comes an impressive range of facilities and resources available, including sports centers, research facilities, and close proximity to partner companies.