People are at the heart of every organization, so understanding why people behave the way they do can help organizations function more efficiently. While the study of human behavior has been around for years, there is a growing need for professionals who have advanced knowledge on the subject to put their knowledge to practice.

As such, the Bachelor in Behavior and Social Sciences at IE University prepares the next generation of in-demand professionals who are eager to launch their career in this field.

Technological advancements are facilitating a deeper understanding of the intricacies of businesses at a people level. IE University keeps up-to-date with these advances to equip students with the knowledge and mindset needed to tackle the professional world of Behavior and Social Sciences.

The Bachelor in Behavior and Social Sciences at IE University is an enriching program, built for the most inquisitive of individuals. Not only will students gain an unbeatable knowledge on a diverse range of social science disciplines, this intellectually stimulating and innovative program will gear students towards the skill-set needed to create positive changes related to human conduct in the workplace.


Three key areas within behavior and social sciences

The Bachelor in Behavior and Social Sciences focuses on three key areas surrounding Behavioral Science. Trust us when we say that IE School of Human Sciences and Technology have crafted this program with the students’ best interests in mind. These key areas are: understand, study, and influence. Taking your studies to a deeper level, you will have numerous opportunities to take what you have learned in the classroom and apply this to the professional world.

You will conduct small- and large-scale polls, run focus groups, and interview consumers to analyze decision-making processes. To top this off, in your final year you will have the chance to explore specific career paths, including marketing, advertising, talent development, sustainability, and policy design.

A unique, multidisciplinary approach to learning

This program incorporates an impressive set of social science disciplines. All disciplines are explored in-depth and are interconnected to provide you with a well-rounded, holistic view of human behavior. You will learn the fundamental theories behind human behavior including psychology, sociology, anthropology, political science, economics, business, and law.

Of course, learning at IE University does not stop here. Our tailored program, taught by leading experts in the field, takes your studies one step further (and brings you one step closer to reaching your career goals). The Bachelor in Behavior and Social Sciences will introduce you to innovative quantitative, qualitative, and technological tools and you will be able to see first-hand how these can be used to perform analyses.


The skill-set needed to launch your career

The Bachelor in Behavior and Social Sciences will help you foster a managerial mindset which you can apply to any chosen career. You will learn both personal and professional skills that will undoubtedly set you apart from the rest. The vast opportunities being offered, such as the chance to work on real-world situations and with a diverse range of industries, will lead you to any career path you may be aspiring to. At IE University, our students know no boundaries; we strive on individuality and this is why our students always achieve what they have their mind set on.

Talent management

Keep on reading to discover two exciting career paths the Bachelor in Behavior and Social Sciences can lead you towards.

Talent Management

If you’re interested in exploring human behavior within a context of complex social interactions, then this career path is for you. As a talent manager, you’d be tasked with organizing and advancing the career of talented individuals. You will be highly skilled in interpersonal relationships and have a clear understanding of how to represent your clients’ interests and talents.

Multilateral organization analysis

Does working in a highly important organization such as UNICEF or UNESCO appeal to you? In this role, you would be able to apply all you have learned throughout your four years of studies, to help organizations solve any efficiency-related problems. By studying organizational structures, methods, and procedures, you will be the positive driving force behind the much-needed change in important organizations.