The Dual Degree in Business Administration and Data & Business Analytics is a challenging program that gives students an understanding of data and its importance in decision-making processes throughout organizations.

Dual Degrees at IE University are multidisciplinary programs which incorporate key fundamental knowledge of two different sectors. They are specially designed so that each side of the degree compliments one another, providing students with an in-depth and thorough knowledge of both areas. They allow students to build a well-rounded profile which eases their transition into a professional world where boundaries across disciplines are disappearing more and more each day.

For the Dual Degree in Business Administration and Data & Business Analytics, IE Business School and IE School of Human Sciences and Technology unite to bring an academically stimulating and innovative program. Professors from both schools are highly regarded experts in their respective fields and have worked together to provide an intricate program, grounded on core modules and honing in on their real-life experiences.

We interview Rafif Srour, the Academic Director of Data and Business Analytics, who offers us the inside scoop on all things related to the new Dual Degree in Business Administration and Data & Business Analytics.

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What makes the Dual Degree in Business Administration and Data & Business Analytics unique?

“The Business Administration and Data & Business Analytics is a new Dual Degree in which students will learn how to embrace the power of data in order to drive innovation and digital transformation.

“First of all, this program is unique due to the high level of specialization that the students will acquire both in Business Administration and Data Analytics.

“Secondly, this program is highly practical; there are special courses which have been designed so that students will have hands-on experience with real-world projects, combining both Business and Data Analytics.

“Finally, the close partnership IE Business School has with many local and international businesses gives students the opportunity to start internships as soon as during their second year of study.”

Who is this program designed for?

“A good candidate for this program will be business-oriented and possess an entrepreneurial mindset. Our students must be willing to use data to drive innovation at their business.”

What career paths can students aspire to follow?

“Graduates will have the opportunity to work in a variety of fields as Business Analysts, Consultants, Data Engineers, Data Scientists… Any career path oriented towards a Data Scientist or a Business Analyst will be pursuable for students upon graduation.”

Career Path

Do you have any advice for future students wishing to study the program?

“Advice I have for students who are wishing to join this program is: be ready to utilize your maximum potential, be ready to embrace the challenges that this degree is going to offer, and as you are the architects of the future, you must be ready to become so.”

By studying just one extra year, students are able to graduate with two fully accredited diplomas. As well as the opportunity to partake in internships and exchanges, students at IE University have an unsurpassable amount of opportunities to boost their profile and stand out from the rest when entering the competitive job market.