For many students, involvement in clubs on campus is an important aspect of university life that provides them with the chance to make lifelong friends and to learn outside of the classroom.

A student’s time at IE University is much more than classes and deadlines. For many students, involvement in clubs on campus is an important aspect of university life that provides them with the chance to make lifelong friends and to learn outside of the classroom.

Our extra-curricular activities enhance your IE experience, providing you with the opportunity to step out of your comfort zone and explore new skills.  

Overall, there are approximately 50 clubs on both our Madrid and Segovia campuses. To give you an idea of what’s waiting for you at IEU, we’ve put together a list of five of our the most popular clubs.

Talks that inspire

Looking for a fun way to network with both students and professionals? With over 100 members, the IEU Conference Club is a student-led organization that bridges the gap between our students and leading professionals by organizing a number of interactive conferences each semester.

Based on a Q&A format, these conferences give students a chance to ask professionals any questions they might have about a particular topic. The club invites some of the most influential international players so that they can share with you the secrets to their success.

Recently, Henrik Stamm Kristensen, an expert within the food industry, joined the Conference Club for an event called “Why Passion is Critical for Business Success”. Other guests include José Manuel Soria, Spain’s then Minister for Industry, Energy and Tourism, who hosted a workshop on the fundamental factors for success in politics.

Make a difference

Our students are passionate about issues that are impacting our globe. Many clubs, such as the IEU Humanitarian Club, strive to give their members an opportunity to put their ideas into practice and make a difference.

Founded as a way to discuss humanitarian issues on campus, the IEU Humanitarian Club educates students about the problems that many individuals face around the world.

Highlights include our involvement with the United Nations’ #HeForShe Campaign which promotes gender equality.

Explore your own backyard

For four years or more, our students call Madrid or Segovia home and many take advantage of the natural beauty that lies outside city limits.

The IEU Alpine Club brings like-minded people together to participate in a variety of outdoor activities, such as hiking and kayaking. This club, along with other sports clubs, promotes personal health and community building among our students.

If it’s your goal to stay healthy and active while you study on campus, you might want to take a look at the many opportunities that we offer our sports-loving students.

Environmental stewardship

If you are interested in raising awareness about environmental issues, the IEU Green Club is the perfect fit for you. With the objective to lower IEU’s ecological footprint, this student organization aims to educate our students through numerous activities and events.

Besides organizing hikes and promoting healthy living, the club hosts forums and conferences to encourage discussion about environmental problems such as Green Week, a week-long event that includes interactive talks, workshops and documentary screenings.

Express yourself through song

Enjoy music? Through the enrichment of musical knowledge, the IEU MusicClub fosters creativity and cooperation among its active members.

By hosting multiple concerts each semester, student artists showcase original compositions and creative adaptations of well-known songs. The club also uses their platform to fundraise for international causes such as the Mexico Earthquake Relief Fund.

Even if you can’t bring your instrument with you to Spain, the club will help you rent or buy any equipment that you might need.

These five organizations are just some of the many clubs that are essential to Student Life at IEU. Feel free to check out the full list of clubs here. If you still can’t seem to find a club that suits you, you can always start your own!

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