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In a world increasingly dominated by technology and driven by the pursuit of practical knowledge, the humanities have, at times, found themselves in the shadow of other fields of study. However, the value of delving into the humanities cannot be overstated—they are the timeless compass guiding us through the complexities of the human experience. In a society where innovation and efficiency are celebrated, the humanities remind us of the very essence of our existence. Through the study of the humanities, we can draw on the entirety of human history and development, building an analytical framework with which to examine society’s present and future. 

At IE University, the humanities have always been an essential part of our educational philosophy. They run through all of our degrees in one way or another, supported by the transversal Arts & Humanities Division. All around the world we are seeing a resurgence in the humanities, as cutting-edge industries in all sectors demand well-rounded graduates who can solve complex problems with a humanistic approach. That’s why IE University not only includes a humanities module in every program we offer, but we also promote and celebrate the arts and humanities through clubs, activities and competitions.

In September 2024, IE University will launch the Bachelor in Humanities and the Dual Degree in Business Administration & Humanities. Designed to give students new perspectives and encourage them to think critically and creatively, these new programs take an innovative approach to the study of the deep-rooted disciplines of the humanities. We sat down with some of our undergraduate students, all of whom have been involved in humanities classes, activities or clubs, to find out what the humanities mean to them.. Covadonga Romero, Amy Samantha Bonareri, Juan María Heslop, Anna-Maria Katharina, Didrik Freivald, Louis Quan Tran Minh and Ida Nydelius, who come from a variety of programs and backgrounds, each shared some of their thoughts and insights.

What interests you about the humanities?

Anna-Maria: I would say I’ve always been naturally drawn to the humanities. But IE University helped nurture this interest into a passion, by providing different opportunities to expand on what I was interested in.

Louis: They’re a breath of fresh air amongst my more number-focused classes. They open your mind to other possibilities and enrich your mind in other ways. 

Ida: I think that arts and humanities are very good complements to the classes I take in law, politics and economics. The humanities are what bind our society together.

What benefits have you experienced from being involved in the humanities at IE University?

Covadonga: They have helped me understand other aspects of my studies, like international relations and politics. I now look at things very differently thanks to my involvement in the arts and humanities.

Amy Samantha: It has opened my eyes to different positions that I can occupy. I can become a CEO, I can become a leader—I can achieve any position I want.

Juan María: Through my humanities classes and activities, I’ve tried a lot of new things like contemporary dance and opera, which I had never done before. It’s been a great experience.

Didrik: It has made me much more critical and developed my ability to see both sides of the story. I’m now more analytical in everything I do, both in my studies and my life.

What advice would you give to students considering the Bachelor in Humanities?

Amy Samantha: All future students of the humanities should just keep an open mind and be open to all the lessons they can learn—it will definitely have a positive impact on both their personal and academic lives.

Covadonga: No matter what you’re studying, the arts are valuable, both for your personal and professional growth.

Anna-Maria:  I think the range of opportunities presented to students in the humanities is incredibly beneficial in developing their interests and moving towards a life that they find meaningful. 

An essential time for this essential discipline

If the humanities resonate with you or ignite your curiosity, we encourage you to learn more about the Bachelor in Humanities at IE University. To all future students of the humanities, we echo the advice of our passionate undergraduates: keep an open mind, be receptive to the countless lessons you can learn and embrace the positive impact these disciplines will undoubtedly have on both your personal and academic life. In a world where the humanities are experiencing a resurgence, there has never been a better time to embark on this transformative journey toward a brighter, more interconnected future.

For more information about the Bachelor in Humanities at IE University and to explore the opportunities it provides, visit our website or contact our admissions team. Your journey awaits.