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Maria Jose Heshiki de las Casas was born in Peru, but has lived abroad for her entire life. She considers herself Peruvian, Japanese, and Spanish.

Maria Jose Heshiki de las Casas is one of the extraordinary international students at our campus in Segovia. She has lived internationally her entire life and embraces her Peruvian, Japanese and Spanish identities. As a Bachelor in Design student at our campus in Segovia, she draws inspiration from the diversity on campus, the tight-knit community and her program’s holistic approach to design.

Maria Jose Design Student

She shares her experience as an IE University student with us

Why did you choose Bachelor in Design?

I chose this degree for a number of reasons. IE University itself was a significant factor in my decision, as the cultural diversity of the student body really appealed to me. With regards to the Bachelor in Design specifically, I was persuaded by the degree program’s flexibility. When I enrolled, I was interested in all types of design and wasn’t sure how my passions would develop over time. I was also interested in marketing and communications. Ultimately, I chose the program I did for its focus on business, and because of the variety of fields of study offered, including visual design, product design and spatial design.

What do you like the most about the Bachelor in Design?

For me, the variety of classes within the degree is one of its most exciting qualities. Because the program is not focused on one specific area of design, you take a wider variety of classes than you might otherwise, in a more traditional program. This means gaining a deeper understanding of design itself, as well as complementary disciplines, such as business, psychology and entrepreneurship.

Tell us about your extracurricular activities.

I’m currently involved in two clubs. I’m Head of Public Relations for the IEU Debate Club and also work on design for The Stork, IEU’s student magazine. I love being involved, especially in experiences that help me grow as a designer.

Tell us about your experience in Segovia as an international student.

Personally, I thought that starting my degree in Segovia and then later moving to the Madrid campus was perfect. The Segovia campus is a tight-knit community where you can make friends from all over the world. Its size and location foster high quality connections among the student body, and also with faculty members. I liked splitting my four years between Segovia and Madrid, I always tell people that, if they are accustomed to being in an international environment—or if that is something that they would like to experience—then IEU is a great choice.