IEU Experience


As for the cuisine, you can never go wrong with Italian food. Here is a menu idea that will have your date asking for more—of both time with you and the food.

Surprising your date with your cooking skills is always a great idea. And if you can’t cook… lean on a good friend or the trusty internet for guidance. Cooking with your date is also a good way to keep you both occupied if there are any awkward silences during those first moments. A little background music doesn’t hurt either! 

To start out:

  • Burrata and a warm baguette (Mercadona sells a scrumptious burrata for just €2)
  • A smooth wine to ease the nerves and complement the meal
Risotto night

Main course:

  • Mushroom risotto is a sophisticated yet trouble-free choice. Check out this recipe for an easy preparation of this classic dish


  • Gelato is a perfect end to a warm meal. Serve it with a cup of warm coffee

Light some candles, put on the Feel Good Dinner playlist on Spotify, and relax! Remember, the key to a successful date is to be open-minded and enjoy getting to know each other. We hope these ideas will kindle that spark!

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