IEU Experience


Determined. Passionate. Ambitious. These are just a few words that describe Felix, a second-year Bachelor in Business Administration student. Felix is the type of person who puts 100% into everything he does. From writing for the university-run paper to becoming President of the IE Marketing Club, to moving to far-flung countries around the world—he loves to take advantage of any new experience he can.

This is one of the reasons he loves IE University—there are so many opportunities to try something new. He describes it as the perfect place to explore your passions, and Felix’s love of marketing has allowed him to meet extraordinary people and pursue the career he’s always dreamed of.

We speak to Felix about his role as President of the IE Marketing Club, how you can take advantage of everything IE University has to offer, and his top tips for incoming students.

Tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Felix Veaux, and I’m currently in my second year of the Bachelor in Business Administration. I’m originally from France, but exploring other cultures is one of my passions. I’ve lived in Guinea, Uganda, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, and now Spain!

What led you to study at IE University?

As you can imagine, IE University’s international environment was a huge attraction for me. I was keen to expand my network, and it’s the perfect place to kickstart my career in the international employment market. In addition, IE University’s core values of innovation, creativity, disruption and ambition really resonated with me. I want to pursue a career in marketing, and the Bachelor in Business Administration is the perfect way to establish myself in the business world. 

Are you part of any extracurricular activities at IE University?

IE University has got so much to offer, and I love how there is always something to do on campus. Last year I took part in the Start-up Lab, where I developed my own business idea. It was a fantastic opportunity, as I received feedback and guidance from professors, entrepreneurs, and the university’s Legal Clinic

I’m a contributing writer and editor for IE’s student-run newspaper, The Stork, and I’m also President of the IE Marketing Club.

Tell us about the IE Marketing Club. What does it offer students?

This club is all about guiding students on their professional journey. Our members acquire vital new skills to have a competitive edge in the industry. They can learn about job openings, gain insight into the latest industry trends, and expand their professional network. Our club comprises driven, forward-thinking marketers—we currently have over 2,500 members, including undergraduate students, master’s students and alumni. We love how diverse this club is, and it’s fantastic for introducing students, professors, marketing executives and recruiters.

What are your duties as President of the IE Marketing Club?

As President, my job is to devise and implement our general club strategy. I assess how we can grow our club, and also manage the day-to-day operations. I oversee a team of nine, which includes the Vice President, four Social Media and Communication Coordinators, and four Event Coordinators. We all work together to cultivate IE University’s marketing community, offer opportunities to our members, and ensure that the club thrives.

How can students join the IE Marketing Club? 

Everyone is welcome! Click here to sign up and get involved in the community. Thanks to our wonderful Social Media and Communication Coordinators, we’re active across lots of platforms, like Instagram, LinkedIn, and WhatsApp. You can also check out our website and Linktree to learn more about what we do. Be sure to follow us and learn about all our events—like our first-ever IE Marketing Day.

Talk us through the IE Marketing Day. What kind of activities can we expect?

We believe that everybody should understand marketing, not just those studying it. Not only does every profession have to market its services, but we as individuals need to know how to sell ourselves, too! IE Marketing Day is all about bringing people together to learn about marketing. It will be open to IE University students, as well as students from other European universities and high schools. 

The event will consist of several workshops, panel discussions and a marketing recruitment fair, ending with a gala. Students will have the opportunity to learn new skills, network, and have a lot of fun.

Finally, what would you say to students thinking of attending IE University?

I couldn’t recommend IE University more! One thing I love about IE University is that you have the chance to create your own learning experience. You can harness your passions and dedicate your time to the things you really love—the possibilities are endless. I’ve been able to meet like-minded students, inspiring professionals and knowledgeable professors, all of whom have taught me so much. Thanks to IE University, I can see myself transforming into the professional I always dreamed of becoming.