One of the many benefits of a dual degree at IE University is the rounded profile that graduates gain in different but connected disciplines and the broader worldview afforded by immersion in two programs. It also, of course, means two sets of classmates. This, therefore, exposes students to an even more diverse set of perspectives and opinions, as well as insights from top faculty from two different sectors.

In the case of the Dual Degree in Business Administration + Data and Business Analytics, students are well-prepared for success within large corporations in particular. As well as a comprehensive exploration of business fundamentals, they learn to understand, analyze and use data to inform decision-making. Exposed to the latest in management skills and cutting-edge tech, this is a dual degree designed for the leaders of tomorrow’s corporate world.

Incredible internship opportunities 

Thanks to IE University’s unmatched and global network of corporate, institutional and educational partners, our programs also provide what we think are unmatched opportunities to intern at some of the world’s top organizations. That includes global leaders like EY, one of the prestigious Big Four accounting firms. Ana Ocariz, a fourth-year student of the Dual Degree in Business Administration + Data and Business Analytics from Madrid, secured just such an opportunity. 

Such placements are obviously in great demand among ambitious students thanks to the incredible opportunity they provide for exposure to the real work done at the sector’s sharp end. What’s more, if the intern shines in their role, these can turn into longer-term positions. Ana, for example, started as a business analyst at EY. She spent ten months there before moving to their Center of Data and AI, where she’s been for a year and still has four months remaining on her current contract. She’s clearly both enjoying and excelling in her role, as she’s renewed her contract with the firm twice. We spoke to her about her ongoing experience there.

Tell us about EY. How has it been?

I’ve loved my experience at EY wavespace. Interns there are very integrated into the team, treated as equal to all the staff, and given hundreds of opportunities to learn and grow, both on technical and professional levels. From the very first day, I was given responsibilities in projects with real impact, starting with small tasks and eventually moving up to manage whole areas in projects, acting as point-person and decision-taker. Beyond the projects and professional development opportunities, I found the culture at EY wavespace to be truly incredible, fostering a great sense of belonging and a second home. This is greatly appreciated by many, as the majority of our team is international. Between the team outings, after-work drinks, trips, and even day-to-day interactions, I’ve always felt supported, integrated and motivated throughout my time here.

What challenges did you experience and how did you overcome them?

One of the biggest challenges I’ve faced was dealing with impostor syndrome at the start. As a new intern at a Big Four, and the youngest in the whole department, I initially felt intimidated by the talent and expertise of everyone around me, questioning whether I truly belonged there and whether or not I could add value to the team. 

However, with the overwhelming amount of support from the staff and the resources I was given, I was able to overcome this challenge quite quickly; my EY Internship mentor gave me plenty of advice, resources and tools to expand my technical expertise and plenty of hands-on experience. As I gradually took on more responsibilities and complex tasks, I realized that my contributions were valued and that I was indeed capable of making a meaningful impact.

I have loved my experience at EY wavespace, so much so I’ve renewed my contract with them twice!

Ana Ocariz

How did your internship contribute to your personal and professional growth?

The main advantage of my internship has been providing me with a baseline for my future career. It has given me access to real-world projects and situations, all of which I can reference when trying to problem-solve in the future. On the personal side of things, it has helped me grow and learn how to establish my goals, boundaries regarding work-life balance, and more. 

How did studying at IE University help you during the internship?

IE University was very supportive throughout my whole application process, aiding me in refining my CV and tailoring it for the position, recommending courses I could take in preparation, setting up mock interviews, etc.

Ana concluded with some advice for students who are pursuing similar opportunities. Being proactive early on is important—she urges everybody to immerse themselves in clubs, networking events and related activities from the start. A few hours invested every week from the first years of your program can save a lot of time later trying to rush-build a CV that will help secure you the spot you’re after, she advises. Sound advice, and certainly, Ana has made the absolute maximum of the opportunity—she looks destined for great things in her career.